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  18.05.2003    Joann James - England   
Interesting site thanks.
Its near the time the concerts would be coming to England, but now after the accident, am so glad MK is playing again. Something to look forward to.
  07.05.2003    brian - Denmark   
Hi ya all... Well, just want to note that I think it's a shame that Mark could'nt make to Denmark this time, but he better get over here, otherwise I will have to go to England to listen to him live, and that's a lot of money to a poor student as me :-
  02.05.2003    Lady Jane
Dear Mark
music out off earlier times and stille with me. I loved Irish boy, because it sounds like I know Eire. Are you going well afther your accident? Still hope to see you in A'dam the 3rd of May. God bless you.
  07.04.2003    Stefan
Super Seite!
Gut gemacht.
Weiter so.
  04.04.2003    shimon fachima - Israel   
dear mark.hop to hear from you.i wont ot ask you cwastshan? ani way il' be in prhag' to se you...
  04.04.2003    shimon fachima - Israel   
hi mark. im well se you in prhag. and im waiting for it unphaishanli.hop to hear somting from you. god blash you.and sori agan for the poor inglish.
  01.04.2003    Jo
So sorry to hear that you're not coming to Belgium on May 19th. Was so happy with tickets
Missed your concert in
Forest National/Brussels
2 years ago because I gave my ticket to my son.
Do not feel sorry for he has began playing the guitar himself a
  29.03.2003    ed
Get back to your forces to enjoy your fans on your famous tour. Hopefully will hear your great music in Stuttgart
  28.03.2003    fred
mark, youre the best
  27.03.2003    Janet Lutkus - USA   
This web site is truly a labor of love. Thank you for sharing it.
  23.03.2003    Sally
I am thinking of you and sending you good wishes for a speedy recovery. I had the pleasure of meeting you when you in 1985 when you visited Tarrytown, NY, while I was manageing The Tarry Town Hilton Hotel. Your father in-law Alphonse Salomoni was the Sr.V
  15.03.2003    shimon fachima - Israel   
noting in this world compar...to yor muozik.noting in this world that i love mor.that relaex me mor. than yor muozik..thanks aloot.and sori for the poor inglish..
  10.03.2003    Michael Herrera aka The Hbomb
It's tour time!!!!
  24.02.2003    Tobbern
Mark Knopfler is the master of the music
  22.02.2003    Mahmoudou Diallo
Le plus grand musicien
du monde
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