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  30.01.2006    Millan
The most cool, calm man in the world on the stage w / the most beautiful, powerful songs fm him. I realized that I found for the first time in my life for "The sexiest man" in the world, until my Joan gave me his DVD-93. without seeing him, already I was in love with his songs, now I can't stop love him more... I am afriad my DVD is going to burn out...
  14.12.2005    Rhonda Love - USA   
Just found Mark's music - better late than never. So beautiful.

Just got my first album - Sailing to Philadelphia. Heard the song "What It Is" in Austin as I was leaving and only caught the words - Charlotte Street, walking stick, and little Nell.

A song writer friend in Canada instantly knew the song, singer, and album. So here is this new fan listening contentedly.
  22.11.2005    Pat Adams
I'm a big Mark Knopfler fan and went to see him at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and took pictures which I have on my website at www.tennesseeconcerts.com
  12.08.2005    Brother in Arms
Happy birthday Mark
  09.08.2005    Telmo Marques - Portugal   
I saw the concert in portugal and it was absolutely brilliant. Mark is on the top of his game. He´s truly a very talented and gifted songwriter and guitarist. Hope to see him again soon. Best wishes. Telmo Marques
  31.07.2005    Kelly Pates
I went to the Nashville show at the Ryman. I have been to many concerts in 35 years. This was the top. I am knocked out by Mark's complex simplicity. Lyrics, guitar work and stories. The band, acoustics and soundman were flawless. I am a musician in Mississippi. We played over 200 times last year so I know a little bit about when things go right. This show could not have been more right. Mark is a Stand Up Guy.

  24.07.2005    bjt
It feels like I have waited forever to see Mark. We saw Mark et all at Radio City; I will never, ever forget
how awesome the experience was. Flawless, mesmerizing, an experience we will talk about, and feel, forever.
Mark, be back soon...please!
  10.07.2005    Scott
Caught the show last night in Kettering, Ohio. Perfect weather for this outdoor show. Set list was typical. Great time!
  08.07.2005    paul bédard - Canada   
du grand MK pour le concert de la place des arts à Montréal...

tout y était,merci Mark
  06.07.2005    Tracy - USA   
I will be seeing MK for the first time in Las Vegas on 7/21...a dream since I first discovered Dire Straits in 1979... Concert reviews I've read thus far sound stellar... Can hardly wait!
  04.07.2005    Panama Red
Radio City great show bass was boomy and indistinct Mr Knopfler was superb
  03.07.2005    Pamela - Netherlands   
Saw the band in Amsterdam in April and have been following the diaries ever since. Thankyou Guy and Richard, you guys are not only the best band ever!!! but so thoughtful to all the fans worldwide. My ears are still ringing and my feet have not yet touched the ground. I am just a 54year old groupie and proud of it. Have a great time with the rest of the tour and I will be following at a distance.
  03.07.2005    Chris Jerome - USA   
Guy's sour comments on our rinkydink venue kind of dissipated the great feeling I left with. A fabulous concert, and I don't care how many lights they had. Sound quality was great, band in fine form, and MK his warm and wonderful self.
  01.07.2005    Steve Nartowicz - USA   
Mark, you and the rest of the band are awsome! Sultans of Swing sent chills up my spine! Please remember our area the next time you pass through!
  01.07.2005    LB
Just saw mk at the Pines at Look Park in Florence, MA. Hadn't seen mk in 20 years w/ dire straits. Danced to Sultans of Swing.
mk you are the best
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