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  09.04.2005    Dean (Again)
...by the way the Super Audio CD in surround is just AMAZING. Anyone who is looking for a good excuse to get into high-resolution audio - this is it.
  09.04.2005    Dean
Tonight I just finished listening to the Super-Audio CD version of 5:15 AM and I could swear I heard an entirely verse/part of the song? Could this be possible? Have you heard any reports of this?

I've been listening to the standard definition (redbook) CD version in my car for a month now and I swear I've never heard this part of the song! Help anyone?
  07.04.2005    Petar Bašković
I am 16 years old and I just love Mark Knopfler and "exDire Straits". He is the greatest guitar player I have ever heard or seen. I am from Croatia and I live in town Split. Yello to all MK fans!!!!!!!!!
  07.04.2005    jill scotcher - France   
Thankyou Mark for coming to see us in France- after the disappointment of the cancelled last tour, it's been along time coming!An evening to remember at the Dome in Marseille, last night.
Jill Scotcher ,Carnoules, Var
  07.04.2005    ERiK - France   
do, ré, mi, fa, sol, la, si, 7 notes qui constituent divers accords avec lesquels Mark Knopfler nous ennivre, nous fait vibrer et réver. Que dire, depuis 1985 que j'écoute MK jours après jours et je ne peut faire autrement... " completement accros "...tous les titres y passent et on recherche l'inédit que l'on a pas encore par ce que c' est tellement merveilleux que la fin ne peut arivée.
BRAVO Monsieur Knopfler vous ête un artiste hors norme.
  06.04.2005    Jernej Logar - Slovenia   
Thanks for the site! I especially appreciate the set lists - now i know which songs to pay special attention to...
  05.04.2005    Cláudia Albuquerque - Portugal   
Thanks for the site! I´m visiting it almost everyday, wishing for news!
  05.04.2005    polly - USA   
me again. My honey and I are traveling all the way across the Atlantic to see MK in Barcelona. And we don't even speak Spanish. Can anyone recommend a place to hang out in before the show?
  04.04.2005    Arnout - Netherlands   
Hello David,

What a great website! Very useful in many aspects, especially the MarkOnTour tool.

Best regards from Arnout
  04.04.2005    javi
I was in Madrid and Zaragoza concerts and I would like to highlights that the organization in Madrid and the spanish city members was the worst thing(everyone has the rights to gets the tickets for the first rows...not only you and yours friends..).MK plays like he just can do it but i missed some songs...(trawlermans song and back to tupelo).Zaragoza the atmosphere was great but in the middle of the concert the lights and music was off twice even MK tried Rudiger two times (he says,,,just one more time,just one more time)and 25 minutes later they came back saving up two songs(Rudiger and Boom like that)In my opinión a lazy way to finish the gig,,,is someone who think the same?
telegraph road and speedway to nazareh were the best two songs and the end of sultans of swing-
lets see in Bcn but i do hope will more involved with everything..and if is not I will see in RAH in June.
  03.04.2005    NY YANKEE - USA   
Looking forward to the Barcelona, New York, & Virginia shows with Sweet Polly
  02.04.2005    Skogis
Thank you for having this great site... I'm going to the concert in Oslo and May can't come soon enough... We love you Mark
  02.04.2005    polly - USA   
this is going to be fun i can tell!
  29.03.2005    Aileen Kaye - USA   
Thank you for having this great web site. You were the first one I know of who knew the date of the Portland, Or concert. Thanks for the info!

Aileen Kaye, Long time fan of Mark and Guy.
  29.03.2005    sotofernando - Spain   
Hello from Spain
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