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  02.09.2004    milesofmusic
Mark is the best - brooding, literate pictures of all kinds of people caught up in the process that is called life. character studies and truisms - quite beautiful. we love you Mark!
  21.08.2004    mac
Hoping for another tour through The States so I can see the best musician of me generation. Keep truckin.
  14.08.2004    Jaskirat - India   
Hi Mark,
I have been a fan for years. DS is the only group I identify with. Curiously my 7 year olds have taken a fancy for 'Money...', perhaps the animations did the trick (kidding). They love your guitaring and now pester me for a DOBRO (the cheek!).
  09.08.2004    Hussein
Great musician & great guitarist. We will never forget the great playing in "On The Night".
  24.07.2004    magaly - France   
hi Mark,thanks for all these great songs.i wish to see you again giving performance.i will never forget.when you came in Switzerland,13 years ago.see you soon.
  10.07.2004    michael dean
looking forward to seeing you soon across the pond. bringing my 8 year old son who is also a big fan
  05.07.2004    shannon/Bartlett - USA   
You are the BEST guitar player - right there with Eric Clapton & Carlos Santana ..... My ultime three favs ..... "Romeo & Juliet" still brings tears to my eyes thinking about college and my fiance' (didn't get married but are still
  01.07.2004    NORBERTO LOZANO - Spain   
Hello, Mr. Mark, The Canary Islands, in the atlantic ocean, are waiting for a visit of you. please see the following web pages: http://www.auditorio-alfredokraus.com/web/aud.htm and http://www.grancanaria.com/patronato_turismo/# You can enjoy play
  01.07.2004    dane - USA   
  18.05.2004    nitha
Hi Mark!
You are the best.Are you coming to sweden soon? We are waiting. I had tickets the latest time, you could not come. Hope all is well. See you
Love Nitha
  02.05.2004    Dimi
http://users.pandora.be/jackassfan great site, visit mine too and please sign my guestbook too.
  30.03.2004    michael vicchiarelli - USA   
Mark, it's been too long since your last concert. Come back to New York! Thanks!!
  13.03.2004    Paul Cavanagh - USA   
Hope that after close to a year after the incident you're feeling better!! Miss you live- Peace
  10.03.2004    Evan Profant
Mark Is An Inspirtion To Me. Most Kids My Age,(14) Wouldn't Say This But I Love Him So Much. I Am Very Glad He Played With All The Greats. He Is , To Me, The Backbone Of The Majority Of Music Out There. I Hope To See The Ragpicker's Dream Concert.
  28.02.2004    Maroretto
La musica di Mark è come l'aria per me
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