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  30.01.2003    djamel abdellaoui - Algeria   
salut, hiya, salem!!!!
je suis tres ravi d'avoir cette occasion de dire mes pensées sur le site aisique sur Mark!
tout d abord et en bref le site es magnifique!
et puis pour mark knopfler je vous dis que ya pas sur terre un autre chanteur, guitariste,
  30.01.2003    raphael - France   
Félicitations pour ton super site !!

  29.01.2003    jean luc/ chauviere - France   
le meilleur guitariste du monde avec un son que lui seul peut prodiquer... A CONSOMMER SANS MODERATION
  24.01.2003    danzé sophie - France   
La musique de Mark Knopler et Dire Straits est purement du bonheur et elle me ressource.Pour moi, Mark est LE génie qui me fait redonne le moral si j'ai un coup de blues:c'est tout simplement la musique qui colle parfaitement à ma vie.
  21.01.2003    Mark - England   
hi max from england, ive got my ticket to see him in june 2003 and cant wait ,3rd row ,roll on june
  14.01.2003    thor
  09.01.2003    danneboy17420
the best ever!
  09.01.2003    Mike Juneau - USA   
Ienjoy the tunes and thanks for letting Alan De Canadet show off your Ferarri, I enjoy them too as a friend of mine is a top ferrari restorer, try road america usa,worth the tripand the restorer is nearby wih a shop full of ferarri gems,thanks forthe grea
  31.12.2002    robysaddi62
Ti seguo da oltre 20 anni. Mi auguro tu faccia presto un nuovo album. Sei un mito.
  30.12.2002    Scott
Mark one of the greatest guitar innovators that I have ever seen.
  16.12.2002    michael greenwood - USA   
Mark is truly a class act! He is in my mind,one of only two,the other
being Stevie.
  13.12.2002    REP
My wife Reena and I say Mark in Brighton England July 18, 2001 the music touch our souls and we became one as we cried together. Reena died July 29, 2002. Thank you Mark
  13.12.2002    Jeff Kaufhold - USA   
I wandered upon this site while surfing. A lot of memories from the past came flooding back as I read about "Local Hero." Keep up the good work
  28.11.2002    Ian
Heard Sultans of Swing when first released and it changed my life forever. Have Mark with Buddy Guy, Steely Dan, Dylan... Everything I can lay my hands on (audio and video) booked tickets to a live show years ago that was cancelled. MK's sense of melodi
  28.11.2002    frank koenig
First heard Mark on Prarie HC playing and singing with Chet Atkins: There'll be some changes made" Hope to hear about tour locations
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