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Show #10 : 16/03/2005, Sydney @ Entertainment Centre  

Venue: Entertainment Centre  [ Website ]

Capacity: Unknown

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. Why Aye Man
02. Walk Of Life
03. What It Is
04. Sailing to Philadelphia
05. Romeo and Juliet
06. Sultans Of Swing
07. Done With Bonaparte
08. The Trawlerman's Song
09. Song for Sonny Liston
10. Donegan's Gone
11. Rudiger
12. Speedway at Nazareth
13. Boom, Like That
14. Telegraph Road

15. Brothers In Arms
16. Money For Nothing

Encores 2
17. So Far Away
18. The Mist Covered Mountains/Wild Theme


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Chad Cromwell (Drums)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
Matt Rollings (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]

Who was there ? 12

Nicholas Whiteman  
ian garrett  
Dr Floyd  
Well I think now I can say I
Brett Clifton  
Hey everyone. Excited as, he
Peter Enderborg  
William Crowe  
Long time since he was here last.Hoping for a couple of changes to the setlist here.Less Straits more Solo!
Ben Luscombe  
Going to Sydney 16th March. Would've like to have met up with some other fans but going with 10 other friends/family so obliged alreayd. Will post an honest, worthy review post show! How great is it that he's coming down under!!!! So happy!
I'm going to Melbourne, Adelaide (front row!), Sydney and Brisbane. I live in Adelaide.
Mark Hunstone  
Heading to the show with my mate Damien Bosman. Would love to meet some of you.

Reviews 7

le 25/03/2005
Two words: bloody awesome! IMHO this show topped the Sydney Dire Straits shows in 1992 (of which I saw three). It was ALMOST on par with the 1985 Sydney shows, which is really saying something! I loved the set and particularly the new songs but I was somewhat disappointed that they didn't do 5:15am (my favourite song from the new album) and very disappointed that they didn't do Tunnel of Love. (live versions of this song are always awesome). HOWEVER, I was extremely happy that they chose to include Telegraph Road and Rüdiger, two of my all time favourites. Very happy to see Knopfler get the Strat' out for a few songs. I thought he might struggle with a few of the old songs since he seems to play more laid-back solos these days but Sultans of Swing and Telegraph Road proved me wrong. Possibly the best version of Telegraph Road I've heard (although the piano parts didn't quite live up to Alan Clark's - Sorry Matt!). Let's hope we don't have to wait another 13 years before they come back to Sydney again!
Nicholas Whiteman  
le 23/03/2005
I have only been to a few live concerts in my 17 years of being alive and the M.K concert has to be the absolute best I have ever been to. Mark Knopfler is the best guitarist I have ever seen and he put the icing on the cake for me on the 16th of March 2005. The way that he and his band play, just being relaxed & chilling out (As if they were just having a jam in Mark's Den back in London. I hope that I can speak for everyone who went to the concert at The Sydney Entertainment Centre "Mark Knopfler and his band are Welcome To Sydney Australia Anytime". I think it was a shame that M.K. was playing a lot of his new stuff which I dont believe a lot of people are familiar with, not to say it didn't sound awsome, But I think it would have been good with a bit more of his older stuff... Such as "Calling Elvis" & "On Every Street". Thankyou for such a fantastic concert... "I won't have to go to anymore concerts, I have been to the best one anyone could go to"...
le 21/03/2005
Also started off the night at Golden Century chinese restaurant with 8 family member all going to the concert.First time Ive seen m.k in concert , i was a bit young when they played the brothers in arms tour so i was desperate to go this time.Lucky for me the concert was around my birthday and was given front row dead centre tickets from my inlaws.What an amazing performance, and to see him so close and really get so see him play the guitar was a once in a life time experience (how does he do it ?) Stand out songs where "sailing to philadelphia" "telegraph road" "romeo and juliet" "wild theme". I've seen a few concerts in my time but id have to say this one was the best topping last years Roger Waters concert for first place. Had to travel to Brisbane for a 2 day course following the concert. Was going the Brisbane show on the 17th march but finished up to late so missed it. The following morning it was my Birthday so I decided to treat myself to the buffet breakfast at the hotel I was staying at. As i was sitting there by myself a group of people came through and sat down at the table next to me. I looked up and to my surprise Mark Knopfler was one of them and I nearly shit myself.As I had no paper and pen I ran up stairs to my room and came back and nervously approached his table.I introduced myself telling him i was a huge fan and had just seen him in Sydney(he jokingly gave his condolences) and explained what a coincidence it had been seeing him on my birthday.Mark kindly wished me happy birthday and signed my pad to that effect. I told him it was the best concert I had seen and wished him well for the rest of his tour.What a great birthday it turned out to be.
ian garrett  
le 18/03/2005
Loved every minute of it. I saw Dire Straits almost 20 years ago and the only disappointment then was the absence of Telegraph Road, the one song I really, really wanted them to do. Imagine how I felt as I heard those opening chords this time. It took me by surprise, and what a great surprise! It had me close to tears, as did Romeo and Juliet. The other standouts were Sultans of Swing, Song for Sonny Liston, Brothers in Arms and Speedway at Nazareth (what a number!). I left on a cloud and feeling something had been completed in my life, satisfied to have seen this wonderful musician in full flight. Now I'm desperate to find a ticket to the Paris concert on April 19 as I realised from looking at the schedule that I'll be there at the time, just up the road from the venue. It'll kill me not find a ticket to this great show. Can anyone help me?
Ben Luscombe  
le 17/03/2005
The Golden Century on Sussex st, Sydney has some of the best Chinese food I have ever eaten. Fabulous meal and great to over hear others talk about seeing Dire Straits in 1985 etc etc. What a show. In some ways better than last night at the Enmore. MK played better, he seemed more relaxed and into the night than previously. The band played just as well as they had and I think they're getting into a groove gradually which should see them doing some ripping shows in a few months. That sounds like they're not great now, but they are. Very much so. Wye Aye Man kicked it off again. And again it showed what a great opening track it is so it's been well chosen. It's great how MK's playing starts out quiet. Those subtle, muted notes and lines get you into it then that first lead break really kicks off the track. You know you're in for a great night. Walk Of Life got the crowd into a cheer or three. Again the slower version and it's probably being played the best since the Mandela 70th Birthday show in '89 with Clapton. More country but not enough to annoy you. MK's using different inflections and melodies on the lyrics which is a nice change. I noticed he did this on most of the old Straits hits. What It Is. Not quite up to last night's version, but still nice to hear. Got the lyrics right tonight! Well, he didn't venture into the extended version's verse. Sailing To Philadelphia, lovely again. That tremolo. Overall it's more restrained than the studio recording, a bit more sweet. Man, the fans who saw it done with James Taylor in the states must have loved it! This night was special to hear Romeo and Juliet cause my girl was by my side. She was really looking forward to hearing it tonight and she was so pleased when it began. He did it even better than last night. The crowd went wild. This is what many of them came for. It was pure magic. That opening trickle on the world's most beautiful guitar was drowned out from the sheer joy 11,000 people expressed. He sang it so well. He was so much more into tonight's show. It wasn't lacking a lot last night, but he just knew this was a real treat for Sydney. Most people bought tickets to this months ago without the choice of the second show. So many memories from so many of those shows in 1986. 24 of them in fact, still the record at this venue. And he sang the lyrics much like he did 25 years ago (can you believe that??) when it was first recorded. It's amazing he still expresses so much emotion all these years later, actually more than in recent years. It was a more bitter one could say. She must have really done him in. Standing ovation, bigtime. So the lighting guy buggers up and instead of hear "Thankyyyyoooouuuu!" in the dark we get a half-hearted, half yelled "Thankyou very much". It totally threw him! Not to worry. The old favourite got cracking and oh man, did he nail this tonight. The solo in Sultans Of Swing was hot. He hammered the low-down, chicken pickin that I've never been able to pull off myself. Oh my god. I just don't know how he does it. I can't get it. It's the kind of stuff that makes you want to give up and read a book instead. Standing ovation number two. Again forgive me for any order errors, I'm even more tired tonight. However I'll say Done With Bonaparte came up next and the standard musician introductions ensued. Light banter included and again it was a pleasure to hear that song. It's so laid back and genuine. These guys love to play and it's clear they love to play together. Sit down time and I was very pleased to hear The Trawlerman's Song. Awesome! His voice is practically over the laryngitis, so you guys in Brisbane and Auckland are in for a treat. This is gonna just get better as the tour goes on, no doubt. It's a great tune and the extended solos from MK and Matt on organ are fab. Onto Song For Sonny Liston and again, it rocked. He just got straight in after a bit of chat. The crowd, who up to this point had been calling for DS songs, actually really dug it. Plenty of calling out and hooting started in this one and continued into the night. Something a bit different I don't recall from last night though. Some improvised soloing towards the end, 2 bars chords, 2 bars solo. Worked well. Donegan's Gone but you wouldn't know it. Beautifully done again. I think the guy would be most proud. They were actually friends. I was a bit loud when I went "oh yeah" to the opening notes of Rudiger. Hardly anyone got it till a bit in but I guess because it's not that well know. In my now expert opinon, it's one of the best songs he's ever written. Such a treat. Lovely rhythm flourishes from Richard. That guy is brilliant. Full band standing again and it was off to the Speedway At Nazareth. I said to my girl, "This will blow your mind" to which she replied"Uh-huh". Well did she eat her words. "That was $#@%!& awesome!!!" And was it what. Man these guys can rock. Boom Like That was ok. The crowd at this point were applauding with less vigour each time it was a non-DS track. I thought it was better last night but the ending seemed to hit harder this time. The crowd went nuts again. The world's most beautiful guitar was out again playing such a beautiful piece. So well timed and graceful. Loud applause and cheers and hoots. The lead got 'em going too. That crunch. Again Telegraph Road is just in a league of it's own when it comes to great Dire Straits songs. I keep thinking, "should I call it his best?" The versions on this tour have been that good. The quiet parts were peaceful. A few bars short of the exact spot where that guy calls out "We love you Dire Straits!!" on the Alchemy Live album, a punter tonight declares, "We love you Mark!!!" (Only a nerd like me would know that) But it's true. The chatter at the restaurant before the show was all about past concerts and it was had with such happiness. These people do feel strongly about this guy. A friend told me today how wanting to meet someone like MK might have more to do with how the music affects you. That could be true, but I can't help think when it comes to Knopfler, it's the man that does it, not just the music. He's not unappreciative yet he's not overly-friendly. But he feels like a friend. He feels like a part of my home. He's the old guy across the road who has been there forever. He has been there forever for me. Standing ovation three. Waves and nods and off the stage. The clapping continued and all knew he'd be back. Maybe 2 minutes and he was, with the 96er's, hearing shouts of "Local Hero", "Tunnel Of Love" and "Money For Nothing". They went nuts (again) when those achey, opening lines of Brothers In Arms echoed through the room. It was heavenly. Matt's accordion was poignant again. I kept having visions of diggers making charges on the front. On an ANZAC day I worked a few years back I played parts of this song on our coverage, matched with the old black and white pictures. It really grabs you when it's played in that way. He stinged a solo or two here too and Guy's contribution on organ was breathtaking. Really great stuff. I never thought Chris White's flute could be beaten on that track but Matt's accordion comes bloody close. Both together would be interesting. Well Money For Nothing was a crowd pleaser. Everyone singing and moving about. The front of stage area filled up quickly when it appeared to be the last song. Another standing ovation (No. 4) but punters in the rafters began to leave. It was funny to watch them all stop in their tracks when the more attentive ticket holders realized he was returning again. Encore number two. You know what the trick is? When the house lights DON'T come on, you know you're probably gonna get some more music. I mean how dumb are some people??!! The Mist Covered Mountains was again a pleasure, Matt's accordion just devine. He clearly loves playing that instrument and that tune. It's so old. It could easily have been in Braveheart. When MK finally rolled on that first chord in the Wild Theme, the crowd went wild again. (third time? Probably more.) They kinda knew it was coming but it was certainly desired by many. Tonight he played it so carefully and thoughtfully. The expression on his face was so wanting. He wanted it to be perfect and true. Another embrace with Guy (or Gee as he had called him earlier) and they were gone. Lights up and thousands of smiling faces rolled out onto the slippery road. So to those looking forward to their own experience in the coming months (you lucky sods!) enjoy and soak it up. It may not happen again. I'm so amazed I've seen him up close, twice in the one week. It's been an absolute blast and one of the greatest experiences of my life that I'll never forget. If you're reading this and you don't have a ticket to a show in your town, go get one right now. It will be some of the most well spent money ever. Cheers and goodnight. Ben "Luzzo" Luscombe
le 17/03/2005
Well, it finally came, I was I glad. I was sitting directly in front fourth row, so you couldnt really be any closer. I happened to get my hands on a nice digital camera (with 10x zoom) which I took some nice photos with - we are talkin close up. If anyone is interested in seeing them, just email me and I can send them through. I had tears well up during different times, which I just couldnt help. Sultans of Swing for its absolute beauty - the original song - and everyone just loved it. Sailiing to Philadelphia was fantastic and so gentle it was an absolute pleasure to hear. Now the song I had been waiting for - Telegraph Road - Unbelievable. THis has always been my song, and I just wanted to burst out in tears hearing this monster live - right in front of me. Money for Nothing was just gold for its rocky, get up and dance feel, and So Far Away was such a feel good tune live, and just made the atmosphere and excitment pleasurable to be a part of. - It would have been great if the whole concert has this great excitment feel - where everyone just seems on a high and dancing around. Local Hero just brought the tears - for being what it is, and also knowing that it is all over. Everyone and anyone, savious the experience - either coming or gone. I just wish I was going to another gig as one is never enough. He is my hero, and I was so glad to see other 'younger' guys in the audience that weer just so into it and excited. It so reminded me of when I was much younger in my teens and really felt the emotion of the music. I am happy to see that the music lives on, and it is being experienced and loved with the same passion, with the newer generations. I hung around for a while afterwards at the stage door hoping for him to come out so I could shake his hand and possibly get an autograph - however had to leave. Did anyone at all get an autograph? .. anywhere.. in any city? It would have made my life just to meet him and say 'thanks..'
Dr Floyd  
le 17/03/2005
Well, being a Dire fan since birth it feels like I've now fulfilled a life goal to see MK in concert. Wasn't dissapointed at all, personally like more of his older stuff which he played into the set nicely. When the "Brothers in arms" tour was here in 85 I was 2 so unfortunately missed out on what is said to be an unbelievable experience (I think they did 23 Sydney shows in a row!?!?) wish I was there, which leads me to my next thing, having seen Pink Floyd, Simple Minds, Deep Purple, Live, Pearl Jam, I feel fortunate but now I feel an almost higher connection to the straits having now seen the man live in person, I guess it helps connect the emotions associated with the song's I've heard to the man now which is a great feeling, I drove home smiling like a kid from a candy store, Knopfler you are god of the guitar, Gilmour and Morse are ok but you just have "it", you really are one of a kind and I will definately catch you again if not here in Aus then somewhere in the world!!!