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Show #25 : 14/04/2005, Hannover @ Preussag Arena  

Venue: Preussag Arena  [ Website ]

Capacity: 14000

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margret czuprat  
le 26/04/2005
a long time ago,i see MK . But this concert :GREAT;GREAT GREAT !!!!
Holger V.  
le 17/04/2005
What a great concert it was! I was sitting in the first row just 2 meters to the left, so I had a perfect view on stage. The sound was absolutely brilliant. My miniDV-camcorder made a brilliant recording, so that I´ll ever be able to remember this great evening. It´s a feeling of absolute happyness when you can see Mark so near. I can´t await the next 4 concerts of this tour I´ll visit. The next one will be in Rotterdam.
Helge Lorenz  
le 15/04/2005
Hi, i was there two and it was my very first time to see my hero live on stage. Had a seat in the 10th row with a very good view to the stage. Mark indeed played Shangri-La (my secret wish for the concert and it became true) although he seemed to have some problems with the acoustics of the building (see also Guy Fletcher´s review about sound at the TUI-Arena). In certain parts of this song he was a bit out of tune. The concert really was great although for my taste sometimes a bit too loud - at least for my mini disc recorder (it´s officially allowed to take audio recordings!) which unfortunately failed to work properly on tunes like Speedway at Nazareth and Money for nothing. Enjoyed Song for Sonny Liston as live version as well - funny since this is the only title I have always been skipping on the Shangri-La album up to now - from now on this will change. I also really enjoyed the last two titles from Local Hero - Going home and a wonderfully played "the mist covered mountains" on accordion Maybe I´ll do another concert on this tour. It´s been absolutely stunning - the music and the light (show) fitted very well together. Best wishes, Helge Aurich, Germany
le 15/04/2005
Hi. I was there last night in Hannover and can confirm that Mark and the band played "shangri la"!! More to follow ...!! Tobias.
Goran Hećimović  
le 15/04/2005
Mark is Sultan of swing, see you in Ljubljana 3.5.
Lars Muehlner  
le 15/04/2005
Wasn't there either but I have to confirm that "Our Shangri-La" was played live this night according to Guy Fletcher! The Setlist on the right is not correct! Hopy for a review how that one sounded live!!