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Show #73 : 14/06/2005, Napoli @ Arena Flegrea  

Venue: Arena Flegrea

Capacity: 6000

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le 25/06/2005
Oh....what a wonderful night.. I arrived in the "Arena "at 19,00 ( two h.before the beginning )with all my friends (Massimo,Giovanni,Dario,Paolo,Mimmo, Rino,Carla,Raffaele,Bianca )so that we could feel the right athmosphera before the show;spent time with some bears and some pics.21,20...was the start..It was the same set-list as always,but "always " more explosive".Sound and lights were perfect,all the tracks played very well,over all: Why aye man,Song for Sonny Liston,Boom like That,Speedway at Nazareth,Money for Nothing. We missed Local Hero, and Our Shangri-la,but I could understand :the band is "little bit " tired,after 5 month shows, as told me the audio - technic on the mix,but it didn't matter cause was a wonderful night....and my minds went also to my Austrians friens ( Thomas,Jan, Flo, Nadine, Werner etc.. )...and for them I'm getting ready ...a "GREAT" surprise SET LIST: 1) Why aye man 2)Walk of Life 3)What it is 4)Sailing to Philadelphia 5)Romeo and Juliet 6)Sultans of Swing 7)Done with Bonaparte 8)Song for Sonny Liston 9)Donegan's Gone 10)Boom like That 11)Speedway at Nazareth 12)Telegraph Road 13)Brothers in Arms 14)Money for Nothing 15)So Far Away