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Show #75 : 24/06/2005, Portsmouth, VA @ NTELOS Pavillion Harbor Centre  

Venue: NTELOS Pavillion Harbor Centre  [ Website ]

Capacity: 7000 ?   [ Seating map ]

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Tony / Partin  
le 30/06/2005
I agree with all. It was a terrific show at a very nice venue. My favorites were Speedway, Song for SL, & Boom Like That. It was all good stuff. However, the setlist listed isn't quite right. Donegan's Gone was played right after Rudiger & before Boom. The rest of it is correct. The actual setlist was as follows: 1. Why Aye Man 2. Walk Of Life 3. What It Is 4. Sailing To Philadelphia 5. Romeo & Juliet 6. Sultans Of Swing 7. Done With Bonaparte 8. Song For Sonny Liston 9. Rudiger 10. Donegan's Gone 11. Boom, Like That 12. Speedway At Nazareth 13. Telegraph Road 14. Brothers In Arms 15. Money For Nothing 16. So Far Away 17. Our Shangri-La
Paul and Kris  
le 30/06/2005
Telegraph Road!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful night. Portsmouth, Va. - The German Beer Garden gets a plug for great imported beer in town - that's right you can walk to the historic district from the venue, and that's what we did - Thumpers for some good eats after the German Beer Garden - oh yeah the show - we had great seats in the first row of the second level - up a bit (stage level) and with room to stretch our legs. The weather was perfect and the marina was full of pleasure crafts soaking up the atmosphere. Everyone was in fine spirits and there was a lot of good vibes with the crowd. Check out my blog for more detail - you must see Mark - by the way greattttt web site - I can't believe Mark's official stuff is so sparse
le 28/06/2005
I can't add much to what has already been said. Great show, great weather, wonderful venue, and front row seats. It was indeed SWEET! We also drove 4.5 hours up from Greensboro, NC, but the people setting beside me had driven 7 so I guess I got out easy. I have a couple of nice photos from the show if anyone is interested. David
Paula Beasley  
le 27/06/2005
What a great show! Orchestra seats, center stage, beautiful night with a good crowd. The set list was great - of course they could have played all night and we would have stayed for more. "Speedway" ROCKED! The band was awesome - they make playing this fine music look as natural and easy as breathing. The opening act was good too. James Walbourne (played w/Bap Kennedy) is a major young talent to watch for in the future. Looking for any solo work he's done... I felt supremely privileged to be there and couldn't wipe the grin off my face all weekend. NC next time would be great! Thank you, thank you!
le 26/06/2005
Great show. My wife and I enjoyed it. I have been a big fan of MK from Dire Straits to Shangri-la. not to mention some great sound tracks. We sat center stage in the orchester section and had perfect seats. The band was flawless. The greatest sound in the world is what MK brings out in every guitar that he plays, matched by his great vocals. My wife fell in love with Richard, what a great talent. Along with Richard, Guy, Danny, Matt and Glen make this group perfection. The song list was great I got to hear all of my favorite songs from the dire straits days to all of Mk's solo career. Of course there is so much more but I know that they couldn't have played for 6 hours. Keep up the great performances and please come back to see us here in Hampton Roads again soon. NTELOS Pavilion Harbor Centre was a great setting. I loved it. John and Lynn from Yorktown, Virginia
Aaron McCall  
le 26/06/2005
Well, what a perfect evening! A great venue, and weather-wise you couldn't ask for a better evening to see a show. My wife and I bought each other tickets for this show for our first anniversary, and we could not have been more satisfied. MK and band played a flawless set with a nice mix of old and new songs. What a tight band! MK played close to 3 hours giving us all much more than our money's worth! We drove 4 1/2 hours from Greensboro, NC to see this show, and drove home happy! Thanks! Oh yeah, Portsmouth is a cool little town. Make a stop in North Carolina next tour!
le 25/06/2005
The show was a perfect 70 degrees and a wonderful breeze flowed through the "shed" as the band calls it...Ntelos Pavillion. The show had all the previous song set with Rudiger showing up and thedouble encore and finale of Shangri-La. I privately requested this song but I'm sure it was the exuberant audience that encouraged the band to stay and play longer. Everything was perfect in the eyes and ears of this fan. The local pubs and watering holes make this a wonderful place to visit for a few days and walking the whole time. I was really surprised at the Sonny Liston song being so playfully presented with Glen thumping away at the big bass. Danny was so cool to watch on the drums. Guy and Richard are the heart and soul to the supporting musicians and Matt played to the top tonight. I took a couple of very novice MK fans and they were blown away at the show and insisted on nothing but MK cds on the long drive back to Raleigh, NC. They just could not believe how the MK music and talent carried the show instead of the flash and shock of most of todays big show performers. I hope to catch another show soon.