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Show #80 : 30/06/2005, Florence, MA @ Pines Theatre  

Venue: Pines Theatre

Capacity: Unknown

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

Opening part
Bap Kennedy

01. Why Aye Man
02. Walk Of Life
03. What It Is
04. Sailing to Philadelphia
05. Romeo and Juliet
06. Sultans Of Swing
07. Done With Bonaparte
08. Song for Sonny Liston
09. Rudiger
10. Boom, Like That
11. Speedway at Nazareth
12. Telegraph Road

13. Brothers In Arms
14. Money For Nothing

15. So Far Away


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Danny Cummings (Drums)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
Matt Rollings (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]

Who was there ? 7

Edward Goss  
Steve Nartowicz  
Glad to see MK survived the bike crash, too bad his songs from Ragpicker's Dream didn't. Would like to hear Hill Farmer's Blues, Devil Baby, Don't Know Your Born etc. So many great songs over so many years. I'll be happy just to be in attendence.
So psyched to see MK again. Last time was STP tour. Venue should be awesome, we're in the 3rd row. Hopefully he'll keep "Speedway" on the setlist. BV
Jeff Crocker  
I can
Steve Silveria  
Can't wait for this night to come !!!! This venue is beautiful, an outdoor ampitheater with only a few thousand people. Will be stage front !!!! I have a friend that will be joining me for the two back to back Massachusetts shows. He is flying in all the way from Arizona for this !!!! Talk to you after the show ! Steve
I'll be at the show! It will be my 1st time seeing knopfler

Reviews 3

Edward Goss  
le 02/07/2005
My first - and hopefully not last - Mark Knopfler show. My wife and I went to see Mark on my birthday - so nice of him to schedule a show nearby for my birthday! Our seats were great, and we both enjoyed the show immensely. The band seemed to have a good time despite the humidity, and thank goodness the rain held off! Highlights for me included "Speedway To Nazareth", "Brothers In Arms" and "Romeo & Juliet." Thanks, Mark & the gang for a wonderful birthday treat! Hats off to the crew as well - I'm sure the hunidity made their jobs a lot tougher, being out in the backwoods of Massachusetts and all. :-)
Steve Nartowicz  
le 01/07/2005
This was our first Mark Knopfler show, and my Fiance and I were blown away! The music was outstanding and the band seemed to be really enjoying themselves. The Pines Ampitheater was a great venue for the show and thankfully the anticipated thunderstorms never materialized. I was sorry to read in Guy's diary that the crew had difficulties with set-up. (lack of help and facilities) I must say the light show was terrific even if it was pared down. going in, I thought the tickets were a bit pricey but after seeing the show I thought $60 was a bargain! It was great to hear the old Dire Sraits standbys and the newer stuff from Shangri-La and Sailing to Philadelphia. Mark was very warm to the crowd and the encores were awsone! I'd love to get my hands on some pictures from the show, if anyone has some please let me know. Hopefully Mark will re-visit the area on his next pass through, we definitely won't miss it!
Jeff Crocker  
le 01/07/2005
Excellent show. As stated in previous reviews, it seems the band really enjoys playing together. Richard Bennett really seemed to be enjoying himself and enjoyed seeing some in the crowd dancing. MK was very gracious. As for the set, it was as all the previous shows, with Rudiger instead of Donegans Gone and closing with Brothers in Arms, Money for Nothing and So Far Away. All in all, a great night.