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Show #104 : 31/07/2005, Vancouver, BC @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre  

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre  [ Website ]

Address: 650 Hamilton Street Vancouver BC, V6B 5N6

Capacity: 2765   [ Seating map ]

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Ian Hockin  
le 29/10/2005
Great show! Did anyone catch the name of the young guy who was the opening act? I missed it.
James Elbin  
le 03/08/2005
The negative first: I drove all the way from Idaho to watch this show and after researching the venue's rules and reading the ticket, and the no camera policy was pasted every which where decided to follow the rules and leave my camera at home. Then half of the people in the four rows in front of me are taking pictures and video and no one even says a word to them. That was aggravating, I had great seats and would have been able to at least upload some pics to guy fletcher's website. The positive: Everything was great with the usual set list being played, minus Shangri-la. The old dire straits tunes drew the most applause however, three songs stood above these for me: Done with Bonaparte, All That Matters, and Song for Sonny Liston. Hearing these live blew away the cd versions. The crowd was loud at appropriate times, but I found it weird that nobody stood up for Money for Nothing and only about half for So Far Away. I tried to get everybody up but I guess they were mostly too old as one fan said during the opening act. Anyway, I will definitely be at the next tour, only hopefully closer to home.
Cindy Apperloo  
le 01/08/2005
Well, after 2 years of waiting, I can say it was well worth it. Mark played brilliantly. Having kept up on the review throughout the tour, the setlist was not a surprise. Rudiger was missing, a song I would have loved to have heard. My only dissapointment was that he did not play Shangri-La at the end. Mark just makes his brilliant playing look effortless. The audience was totally spellbound throughout the night. My favorite songs were Telegraph Road and Speedway at Nazareth (now I see why this one has been so well received, much better live) there was a beautiful rendition of All That Matters with Richard playing steel guitar. The accordian was beautiful, too. The crew was playing tricks as this was the last concert of the tour, "spiking" Mark's tea. I think they really did - he took one sip and then laughed very heartily. I was actually surprised at Mark's banter with the audience - he was very funny. When he played, tho, I don't think I saw him crack a smile all night. this was definitely one of the best birthdays I've ever had and I will definitely be at the next MK concert. Thanks, guys for an incredible night. I hope you all have some quality times with your families now. Mark is truly one of a kind. He is a living legend and may he continue to make his increible music for many years to come.