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Show #3 : 28/05/2006, Hamburg @ Color Line Arena  

Venue: Color Line Arena  [ Website ]

Capacity: 17000

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. Right Now
02. Red Staggerwing
03. Michelangelo (EH)
04. I Dug Up a Diamond
05. Born To Run (EH)
06. Red Dirt Girl (EH)
07. Done With Bonaparte
08. Romeo and Juliet
09. Song for Sonny Liston
10. All That Matters
11. Donkey Town
12. This Is Us
13. Belle Starr
14. Boulder To Birmingham (EH)
15. All The Roadrunning
16. Speedway at Nazareth

17. If This Is Goodbye
18. So Far Away
19. Our Shangri-La

Encores 2
20. Why Worry


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Emmylou Harris (Guitar / Vocals)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Danny Cummings (Drums)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
Matt Rollings (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]
Stuart Duncan (Fiddle / Mandolin)

Who was there ? 7

Jürgen Czaja  
Hi, first I thought MK with ELH??? I won't go, but after listening to the new cd (best since golden heart) we bought the tickets for the 28th;) We will see and hear what will come
Now I finally see the Color Line Arena. They take the amphitheatre alternative for this concert. So the capacity is around to 6000 Persons only. Let's see what MK and EH play this night. I hope not too much Dire Straits. Can't hear MFN or WOL anymore. 3 hours of playing would be great and I hope to see Chad again. Cheers Dirk
Brigitte Schöfböck  
Of course I
Sabine Blum  
High at all, now I`m a fan from Mark Knopfler since 1978 and I`m happy to see him so soon. Now he help me even to look to this wonderful town Hamburg. I never was there before and i will have some beautiful days here to watch this city and also I will enjoy this great concert with my star. Greetings, happiness and good luck to everybody!
margret czuprat  
alicia lopez  
Why not in Spain? thans for listen

Reviews 2

Brigitte Schöfböck  
le 31/05/2006
My husband and I flew in especially for the concert from Vienna, Austria. Since we are great fans of both Mark and Emmylou (if you don't know her most recent albums "Red Dirt Girl" and "Stumble Into Grace", do yourself a favor and get them both), we already had booked tickets and a flight when the tour was first announced early this year. As expected, the concert was more than worth the trip. The conditions were perfect for us: Center seats in the lower middle block (row 9), generally great acoustics at the Color Line Arena and a mostly mature audience (I'd estimate from 45 upwards) that was both astoundingly attentive - you could virtually hear the proverbial needle drop during quieter songs - and appreciative. Beforehand, I bought not one but TWO t-shirts (and the tourbook, of course) at the merchandise stall; I'd have loved to buy them all as they all looked cool, but that would have been a little too expensive. As for the show itself, it was all that we expected, and even more. Mark and Emmy harmonize so incredibly well you could think that they have been playing together forever, and it was pure joy to listen to their incredible duets live. Emmylou's solo songs gave us chills; in particular the wonderful "Michelangelo" off her excellent album "Red Dirt Girl" (the title track of which was also played later on). Something we both noticed was the significant improvement of Mark's voice; particularly notable in an outstanding version of "Romeo And Juliet". Having read the Brussels setlist prior to leaving for Hamburg, I was a tad disappointed that there were Dire Straits songs in the setlist yet again, but as it turned out, they worked great - most of all the final encore, "Why Worry", which (with Emmylou taking lead vocals) was just magical. It also was great to hear "All That Matters" and "Our Shangri La", which we unfortunately didn't get during Mark's Vienna concert last year. What else can I say? Oh yeah, the band of course was great, too - all top musicians who obviously love to play and have a lot of fun on stage. There are hardly enough superlatives to describe what we saw and heard Sunday night in the outskirts of Hamburg...anybody who is going to see a show on this tour can look forward to an unforgettable, outstanding and SUBLIME concert experience!!
margret czuprat  
le 29/05/2006
A great,great concert !!! Mark in high spirits. Very nice atmosphere in the hall.The crowd in front of the stage during the encores and singing .Thanks all musicans for this event!!