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Show #10 : 08/06/2006, London @ Wembley Arena  

Venue: Wembley Arena  [ Website ]

Capacity: Unknown   [ Seating map ]

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Michael Clancy  
le 09/06/2006
Well, this was the second time i've seen the master and it was just as brilliant!! All songs were performed magnificently, and I was taken aback my Emmylou's singing! A truly magical evening, bring on the next tour! I'll be there :)
Jen Dietrich  
le 09/06/2006
another fantastic evening with my favorite musician and his incredible band. and to experience emmylou harris is quite the topping on the cake! a bit disappointed about my seats, as i couldnt see anyones faces that far behind, but i was lucky the chairs infront of me were empty! still wouldnt want to miss it! loved the setlist, especially done with bonaparte and why worry at the end!! and they have such a fantstic lighting arrangement, its incredible! though it mustve been hard for some people being blinded during bonaparte and romeo...two of my very favorite songs! still the outstanding live song was nazareth!!!! breathtaking! visually and soundwise! cant wait til the next tour :) thanx a bunch!
le 09/06/2006
I had read the reviews of earlier gigs in the tour and still wasn't really sure what to expect. The set list was the same as the last few shows so I won't repeat it. Pure 'country music' isn't really my thing but I had enough faith in MK to know that it would be a great show - and I wasn't disappointed! With the exception of EH the line up was similar to the last tour and the band even stood in the same positions. But the vibe was very different. MK was more relaxed, his voice not as strained and he seemed to appreciate the opportunity to sit and string pick in the background while EH took the front. Her song Michaelangelo was just sublime with MK's subtle guitar harmony floating through the auditorium. Some of the latest duets were somehow a bit raunchier than they sounded on the album and were the better for it. As with the last tour it was a pleasure to see such wonderful muscians - all in their own right playing for themselves as well as the audience. At different times everyone had a chance to show their special skills with Danny on 'Song for Sonny Liston' being the pick for me. I had good seats and got to the front for the encores and as I looked around I was struck again by the age range in the audience. Everything from teenagers through to ageing rockers in their fifties! I read somewhere that Guy Fletcher had never enjoyed playing as much live as on this tour with EH and I can see why. There somehow seemed less pressure on MK and sharing the load on stage with a soulmate and another true professional front woman suited his style. As always it was a privilege to watch this band live and may they keep touring for many years to come!