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Show #40 : 05/05/2005, Prague @ T-Mobile Arena  

Venue: T-Mobile Arena

Capacity: Unknown

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le 12/05/2005
(English) I joined the Prague-gig, as in Vienna only seats were available. This is what I don't understand, why must there be seats overall? Do MK & Band like that? This was the 4th time I saw MK, after On The Night and the previous solo tours. This time more light-show and more keyboards, thus a small step towards the old Dire Straits times. But compared to the last tour, very good songs have been ignored, like Wag The Dog, Pyroman, Junkie Doll. Moreover, the band seemed to be on holiday through the entire world. Obviously they are not engaged like the tours before. They did not seem to be motivated to get better or to surprise the audience with something new. The Shangri-La songs were very fine, but songs like Down With Bonaparte & Rüdiger were really boring! There are at least 50 other songs they could have played better. However, his fans are damned to hear what he wants to play. I was lucky to see him also on this tour & I will join the next tour, too. (Deutsch) Nachdem ich bei einem Knopfler-Konzert unmöglich sitzen kann, musste ich nach Prag ausweichen, wo es am Parkett nur Stehplätze gab. Hier beginnt meine erste Kritik: Es kann nicht sein, dass MK lieber vor einem sitzenden Volk spielen will??? Das ist bestimmt nicht Sinn der Sache. Gleich vorab, Knopfler sah ich zum 4. Mal, nachdem ich On The Night und jeweils die letzten Solo-Tours 1x mitmachen konnte. Im Vergleich zur letzten Tour: Bessere Light-Show, mehr Keyboards. Ein hauch von Dire Straits hat sich verbreitet. Dafür aber sind starke Lieder, wie z.B. Junkie Doll, Wag The Dog und Pyroman nicht dabei gewesen - und auch das Engagement der Band war nicht optimal. Sie machten den Eindruck, als wären Sie auf einer Urlaubsreise. Alle sehr relaxt, ganz ruhig und irgendwie ohne Antrieb. Es fehlt der Drang nach dem besser werden. Die neuen Songs (Boom, Like That + Donegan's Gone + Song For Sonny Liston) haben sie sehr fein gespielt! Aber sonst scheinten sie nicht sehr motiviert zu sein. Irgendwie dürften sie selbst schon genug von den alten Liedern haben. Done With Bonaparte - sowas von langweilig! Genauso wie Rüdiger, eine völlig unnötige Nummer. Es gibt mindestens 50 MK-Lieder, die man live besser spielen kann! Wir Fans müssen aber eine einfache Regel befolgen: Wir hören das, was er will. Und ich war glücklich, auch diesmal dabei gewesen zu sein. Und bei der nächsten Tour werde ich auch wieder dabei sein.
le 10/05/2005
I am happy to see Mark Knopfler in Prague. It was my first concert with him. I hope the Dire Straits will play in future, maybe in Slovakia. Thanks.
le 08/05/2005
I came all the way from Romania to see this concert. Best concert ever. By the way, I think I was the neighbour which cried near ZKF at "Brothers in Arms".
le 08/05/2005
well, this is just a little reply on the previous review. actually i haven't had the pleasure to see thos concert, but the big V you are referring to is in my non-spectator opinion indeed a peace sign, well heck, nothing to worry about, if it wasn't we should all just pick up some instruments, form a kind of dodgy band and scream out a kind of mathematical reply, what do you think? we have to take-over some day, huh? ;-))enjoy the process
le 07/05/2005
Thursday's evening was so beautiful. Mark Knopfler was in Prague for the first time nine years ago. In this time I didn't know him so well, so I wasn't there. Concert 5. 5. this year was my first live experience with this MAN. Why aye man - Great dynamic open!!! After this one, everybody was in! Walk of life - Only one word - slow. Not brilliant, not bad. What it is - Very strange noise in the beginning. The second half was much better. Sailing to Philadelphia - was played very gently, it was so lovely. Excellent one! I was dreaming... Romeo and Juliet - Interesting begin and my dreams could go on. Very nice one. Sultans of swing - I woke up quickly. This was fantastic version for me!!! And then came tea break. Done with Bonaparte - I love this song, so I was very satisfied, that they played it. Song for Sonny Liston - This is a perfect new one! Donegan's gone - Another fine song from new album. Rudiger - It was so sweet! Boom like that - Ohhh, my ears... After this song I didn't hear anything. It was powerful one! (R. Kroc is a Czech native:-)( ) Speedway at Nazareth - I adore this song on STP album and live it was gorgeous!!! Telegraph road - So long, so wonderful!!! We know this song in the Czech republic very well, because our great songwriter and vocalist Robert Krestan wrote beautiful czech lyrics for this one twenty years ago. He play it with his bands (they have saxophone in this song - very good idea in my opinion). Brothers in arms - This was something like a miracle. Our neighbour was so happy, that he was crying. Money for nothing - Despite of only one guitar, it was still very rocking!!! I lost my voice... And I saw Mark's hand and his fingers in big V. I hoped, that it didn't mean victory, but something else. And I was satisfied. So far away - I was in ecstasy. Brilliant song! Mark and Richard were very funny in this one. Our Shangri-la - Stars everywhere. One great well-being. I was so lucky!!! Mark threw down a towel and they went out. We wanted more, but it was all. I was in blank astonishment. Mark played marvelleous! Sound of his guitars was sometimes like crystal. Despite of some reverberations from the back Danny on drums ran like clockwork. Glenn was great especially when he played on double bass. Everyone on the stage did much more than good job! It was something outstanding. I never forget it!!! Set list was good, in my opinion. I understand why they do it this way (20 years after BIA...). And I'm lucky, that I saw so many well-known song. I saw them for the first time. I couldn't imagine bad set list from songs of Mark Knopfler... I thank youuuuuu... Zbynek (and my horrible English. I'm sorry.)