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Show #43 : 08/05/2005, Riga @ Kipsala Hall  

Venue: Kipsala Hall

Capacity: Unknown

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le 10/05/2005
Hei ! Really good evening. In general, I can say, in the new CD programm Knoppfler little bit grew up and show himself from many sides. Specially slow pieces (I don`t remember song names) with Knopflers exelent guitar solos. There was old pieces and new from last album. About acoustics in Kipsala Hall. There always was problems with Hall (concerts with RollingStones, Jimmy Page, s.o.) This hall is not suitable for concerts, just only for sport. This time acoustics in Kipsala was almost without problems, thanks to exelent team of sound operators. About auditory (all about 4000). At the end of show, people looks very satisfied. Ovations after every song talks by itself. Knopfler and his powerfull musicions command were exelent. Thanks a lot . I am waiting for him again.
le 09/05/2005
Fantastic night, great music and really bad crowd.