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Show #87 : 09/07/2005, Kettering, OH @ Fraze Pavillion  

Venue: Fraze Pavillion  [ Website ]

Capacity: 4300

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le 24/07/2005
We were in the 2nd row to his left.I thought the place was nice except the 11pm shutoff,but they played over two hours,8:45 right till 11.I was close and I could see they were having a good time.Maybe from far away it looked like they were tired,but from where we were he did his show the same as i've seen on the DVD's.He just plays hard,grins at his band and to the crowd.He never has jumped around on stage or anything like that(opps-except the start of the Money for Nothing video).I saw young and old there,but you could tell most knew his Dire Straits only.I was just thinking "what a shame".I'd say most loved the show.In the middle during Bonaparte,Rudiger& Song for Sonny it was pretty calm ,but those songs are ment to just be listened to,so people did.My wife liked it alot when the 1st time they ended the show Mark walked up and knelt down to shake hands with two little kids in the front row.They were about 6 and 8. I do think the drummer was slowing Mark down..A few times before a part where tempo picks up it looked like Mark turned to look at him and see if he was ready for this.It was a new drummer,not Chad. I'm 33 and Mark is what made me start playing guitar.Back in the 80's I was a in highschool and everyone liked the heavy metal,me too but then I heard Sultans and Money for Nothing.I thought that was good then I heard Brothers in Arms and been trying to sound like that ever sence.I've never heard anyone with that tone or even close to the way he plays.(J.J.Cale Style ,Chet Atkins Speed ,B.B.King feeling) rock-folk-blues-country-celtic all in there.I Hope he keeps making music for a long time. If anyone has pictures from it let me know.I saw a few people got cameras in.thanks dirtypool71@yahoo Well anyway we loved the show."See you at the other end"
David A  
le 14/07/2005
I was sitting in the 3rd row center of the concert. This concert was THE one I was waiting to go to all of my life. I grew up on Mark's music and on into his solo albums. That being said me and my wife did stick out like sore thumbs there being we were 24 years old. Most of the people there were in fact my parents age. I was quite disapointed with the two guys who had the front row center tickets. It looked as if though they were given the tickets without knowning what they were seeing and left before the encore started. Who ever you were I wish you would have sold you ticket to someone who REALLY wanted to go to the show. The concert was by the best I have ever been to because there is nothing like going to a concert where you know all the songs, and there all GOOD songs. The fans that were there for all the music were plentiful, I spent 5 minutes talking to a guy in line talking about who had more obsucure MK tracks. But the crowd there was really weird. The were ready to rock the first 15-20 minutes. Then they almost seemed to fall asleep. Then woke up in a crazed frenzy at then end for the final 4 songs. We were all begging for a few more songs as loud as we could. But alas yet another curfew. Question: Who in there right mind would build a sizable outdoor concert stage in the middle or a residental neighborhood? The idea seems so dumb for noise reasons. Now for the band preformence. It opened up well, but it looks as though they got tired quick from being on the road so much. If I played the same music 50 nights in a row I'd be tired to. This might be way the crowd was more quiet in the middle. Mark and the rest of the band looked like they were on auto most of the evening all in a dazed look. But at then when the crowd finally really got more into the concert it seemed like they were very suprised but welcomed the loud applause and really tried to thank the crowd by steping it up a bit. I drove 3 hours to get to this concert because it was the closest and on a weekend. If I had my choice I would have seen him in England when they were rested up, or in Nashville being that a good chunk of band lives there and have the luxuary of a good night rest in there own bed. Plus with all the musical connections you never know what special treats you might get. I'd go see Mark again in a heart beat, but next time I am going to make the effort to go seem him in a venue that for one, doesn't have a stupid curfew, and in a location were I think they will be a little more rested.
Michael Bohler  
le 14/07/2005
I judged most of the crowd to be, like me, in the over 40 age group. Like me, I sensed the crowd had expectations to rock out with lots of old Dire Straits tunes. And like me, I sensed the crowd was slightly disappointed with the large selection of unfamiliar MK solo tunes. I am somewhat familiar with MK's solo work. I enjoyed hearing many of his solo tunes including the newer songs I was unfamiliar with. I saw a lot of younger fans who seemed to know all MK's newer songs and loved it. However, while some may enjoyed hearing some of his newer music, I fear some were merely put to sleep. It was a beautiful night at Fraze Pavilion. After a somewhat dull opening act, the crowd was visibly pumped during the opening rocker, "Why Aye Man", and conversely visibly subdued when it seemed to go on and on. MK played the rest of the show in a somewhat subdued manner and the crowd seemed to follow the tone MK set. Maybe it was just me, as I was just chilling to the tunes. But what can you expect from a 50-something in the midst of a 100 show tour? It seemed that the crowd was really looking for opportunities to let loose and get into the music but the band didn't let it happen. I was really disappointed with the drummer, who just rat-a-tat-tatted along, showing not a bit of improvisation or creativity. It seemed that Mark was actually having to wait for him on "Sultans of Swing". And around the time they played "Telegraph Road", the volume went from just right to annoyingly loud. What's up with that? Louder doesn't mean better. Highlights for me included “Romeo and Juliet”, “Sultans Of Swing”, “Song For Sonny Liston”, “Boom, Like That”, and “Telegraph Road”. He should lose “Rudiger”. A couple of major complaints about the Fraze that night: we had lawn seats and everywhere sat the lawn was soaking wet. It hadn't rained for days and everywhere the lawn is wet??!!. How can someone in charge of watering the lawn leave it in such a condition, knowing people are going to sit there?! Was it his first week on the job? Also, it’s Fraze policy that you can only buy two beer/wines at a time. So instead of just me going to buy everyone a beer, two of us have to get up and go. Give me a break! I would love to see MK agian in a smaller venue or even solo.
le 13/07/2005
I was at the Kettering, Ohio show. I was impressed by the outdoor Pavillion. It felt very personal and confortable. I got the lawn seats and they to were pretty close to the show. I am a big Knopfler fan and Notting Hillbillies fan. However I did not notice the show being cut short? I felt he played a long time and it was all good. Not a real fan on Money for Nothing song, but that to was played good. Favorite song was Telegraph road, Boom, What it is, and Sultans. I like that he played many different guitars. I believe he played 7 different ones, nice verity. Hope to see him again on another tour.
betty bamalamb  
le 13/07/2005
Beautiful "no bad seat" venue, despite curfew and sound limits. Older crowd, not sure how many knew of MK's work after 1988 judging by reaction to newer songs. Fraze crowds tend to come to see and be seen, not always paying much attention to the acts. They treated MK pretty well. Previously, I haven't been a big fan myself. I only came to hear "Boom" and "Sonny" and was suitably thrilled w/ them. This Scotsman is telling great stories about Americans. Engrossing swamp-rock "Sonny" was awesome and the band probably cooked hardest on "Speedway at Nazareth." Newer songs caught fire, understated older ones mostly seemed tedious. I kept thinking, "These guys need some 'umph!' " Torpid encore was bizarre. Adding "Waterline" would have helped. And "Boom"? People don't realize it yet but this is the 1st great rock song of the new century, perfectly capturing this grinding remorseless capitalist world. MK is writing the best songs of his life and I'm listening again.
le 11/07/2005
I'm a local guy, but this was my first trip to this venue. I was very impressed and will be back. The sound was for the most part excellent. I thought the band was great!! I had a friend with me who had never heard any of MK's solo work. I sent him home with several of my CD's. The song selection was very good with the right mix of Dire Straits material. Telegraph Road will be forever etched in my brain. I too was a little disappointed with what seemed an abrupt end to the show. I had been following the set lists and I was looking for one or two more songs. I guess I can understand the curfew since the venue is located in a residential neighborhood. I'm going to try to make the show in Indy in a few days. The tours are too far apart and you never know when MK will be in the area again.
Phil Stanley  
le 10/07/2005
Just got back to Knoxville from Ohio. Took my 5 year old son(first Concert) and Mark was fantastic. Venue was beautiful and the evening was hot but bearable. I agree the opening act was kind of lame and 50 minutes was waisted. I would much prefer 2 and 1/2 hours of Mark Knopfler with an intermission than an opening act. The crowd was mostly older and did not seem very familar with Mark's solo work but they loved the old Straits tunes. Highlights for me were Sailing to Philadelphia ( I missed that tour) and very soulfull rendition of Romeo and Juliet, a nice acoustic version of Done with Bonaparte, tremendous blues version in trio format of Song for Sonny Liston and a great bossa nova flavour to Rudiger. Wish they finished before 11:00 PM so I could of heard Mist Covered Mountains or Shangri-La. Why do all venues have to stop at 11:00 PM? Do we Americans turn into pumpkins or what? I wish there was more from Ragpicker's Dream ( I would love to hear a longer version of Hills Farmers Blues ala Pink Floyd) and of course Daddy's Gone to Knoxville since I traveled 330 miles to Ohio to see him. Mark was a true professional on stage and seemed to really enjoy the night. I asked one of the roadie's if the food was as good as in Italy and he laughed and nodded no. By the way, had great ribs at a place called Bulwinkles (my favorite cartoon).
le 10/07/2005
Beautiful venue in a parklike setting. Good sound, at least where I was sitting, Very comfortable with reserved seats, lawn area and gen admission bleacher seats (with seat backs) Would recommend this venue. The show was great with the usual setlist and the band seemed to be into it. MK looked very tired at the end and it was a hot evening. The same tea break and group hug routine as before. The NEGATIVE: The show was cut short at So Far Away because of curfew. No Shangri-La No Wild Theme, No Mist covered Mountains. Instead we got 30 mins of Bap whocareswhoheis and then 20 mins of intermission/set up time. If anyone can name one person who paid for a ticket to see Bap nobodyhaseverheardofhimanddoesn'tcare I will publicly apologize. He was ok -just- the guy with him was a better guitar player but the point is why have a lame opening act and then cut MK and band short. Does that make any sense?