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Show #95 : 20/07/2005, Salt Lake City, UT @ Abravanel Hall  

Venue: Abravanel Hall  [ Website ]

Capacity: 2811   [ Seating map ]

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le 21/07/2005
It was another amazing Mark Knopfler (and his most talented band) concert. Abravanel is a great hall, but I was a little unsure about it being the right venue for rock and roll. Usually, it's filled with the sounds of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Bach, and now Mark Knopfler! Early on, MK and the band mesmerized the full house with Romeo & Juliet and raised the audience to an extended ovation. I've never heard it played more beautifully. With little animation and never straying very far from center stage, MK has such a magnetic, commanding presence. No gimmicks. No special theatrics. Every note seems effortless. MK and Guy topped off the encores with a duet of Local Hero and too soon the evening was over. It was out into the hot night under the full moon. I will definitely be getting the download of this concert when it becomes available. Well done lads! I hope you come back to our fair city again.