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19/04/2008  Copenhagen @ Forum  

Show #18

Tour: Kill To Get Crimson (Late March to late July 2008)

Venue: Forum  [ Website ]

Address: Julius Thomsens Plads 1, 1925 Frederiksberg C

Capacity: 8500-10000 persons

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le 20/04/2008
Fantastic show. Mark is better than ever. Pretty good sound at the venue. Much better setlist than on earlier tours. More fresh, more speedy, more rocking. Only two songs from the new album but who cares. Great band with lovely musicians and they smiled all the time. All the songs were highlights but if I had to mention a few I will say " Why Aye Man ", " Hill Farmers Blues " and " Speedway At Nazareth ". But also " Sultans Of Swing " and " Brothers In Arms " was lovely. Thanks Mark, you are still the man.......... Setlist Copenhagen 1. Cannibals 2. Why Aye Man 3. What It Is 4. Sailing To Philadelphia 5. True Love Will Never Fade 6. The Fish And The Bird 7. Hill Farmers Blues 8. Romeo And Juliet 9. Sultans Of Swing 10. Marbletown 11. Postcards From Paraguay 12. Speedway At Nazareth 13. Telegraph Road --------------------------------- 14. Brothers In Arms 15. Our Shangri- La 16. So Far Away 17. Going Home
le 20/04/2008
What a fantastic concert!!! They were amazing, they have never played better. It was a dream to hear John McCusker play his instruments - it was beautiful. To Mark - Thank you for playing Going Home, you made the Forum boil. Anja - Glostrup
le 20/04/2008
I've never seen Mark and band doing it any better than this and i've seen them perform more than a couple of time. It was so good. Thx guys for a heavenly musical experience. Keep it going guys. All ready looking forward to you coming back to Denmark. Bowing before you Jette Grøn-Lemvig