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Show #31 : 19/11/2012, Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center  

Venue: Wells Fargo Center  [ Website ]

Address: 3601 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Capacity: 20000   [ Seating map ]

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Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]
Ian Thomas (Drums)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Jim Cox (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
John McCusker (Fiddle / Cithern / Whistle)   [ John's diary ]
Michael McGoldrick (Flute / Whistle / Pipes)

Bob Dylan (Guitar / Keyboard / Piano / Harp)
Tony Garnier (Bass)
George Recile (Drums)
Stu Kimball (Rhythm guitar)
Charlie Sexton (Lead guitar)
Donnie Herron (Violin / Electric mandolin / Pedal steel / Lap steel)

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Marcia Pearl  

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Marcia Pearl  
le 30/05/2013
[b][size=100]I was thrilled to be able to see Mark Knopfler in Philadelphia. It was the first concert I ever went to and I was 65 at the time. I was very far from the stage and used binoculars in order to see him but the sound was fabulous. I was in absolute awe of the concert and it was too short since he opened for Bob Dylan. I venture to say, that most of the people there were not to see Mark. I think they were pleasantly surprised. There were two guys in front of me who came to see Dylan. They left during his set, even before I did. One thing I have noticed since I have been following his current tour and joined European groups, they know MK much better than we do here in America and that's sad because he's such a talent. He didn't sing any songs from Dire Straits except So Far Away and said in the beginning of the concert, he wouldn't be playing the old songs. I didn't care. I was just happy to be there at all. If I could have gotten to the UK, (I was there for a month in 2011...this is actually when I discovered MK) I would have loved to go back for a visit and see at least one concert in 2013.