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Show #3 : 29/04/2013, Sofia @ NDK (The National Palace of Culture)  

Venue: NDK (The National Palace of Culture)  [ Website ]

Address: Bulgaria Square No.1,Sofia Center,Sofia 1463

Capacity: 3800   [ Seating map ]

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Slavina Ivanova  
le 30/04/2013
The concert here in Sofia was really fantastic! I read all positive and exciting reviews by Bulgarian audience... As far I am not a "wish-set-list-person" I am happy whatever he plays. But he was very kind to play my 2 fav from last album - Seattle and Haul Away ( I love other songs too!!) but these 2 are special! Mark and the band went on the stage in time after the old and well known music introduction. They all looked happy and relaxed. Our audience ( kinda Italian, but not that hot as Spanish) met Mark on their feet, screaming and cheering him - he was not surprised to see that. Just smiling. From the beginning it was a very strong and powerful performance. Ian is different drummer, I dont like comparisons, so he was very good for me! Mike with the pipe was infront of me, smiling most of the time. Marbletown was longer imho - with a great duet by Glen and John on the fiddle ( kinda fingerspicking fiddle - do not know the right term here). Speedway At Nazareth and TR totally blowed the audience up... It was a big suprise he didint play BIA during encors... He played So Far Away instead - singing the name of our town - Here I am again in Sofia town - and people were very happy to hear it. Piper To The End was sooo beautiful!!! A lady put near his feet a bunch of flowers ( it is very common here) and he sayd Thank you and collected it at the end. On his way out of the stage he came to us and shook our hands again as he did in 2008 in Sofia too. Im not upset by singing Done with... again with the same old Band introduction and same joke - You and me Richard...the others - good luck . As far it is my Moms fav song and she was dancing on her seat listening it - I was happy about her! Greetings Slavi