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29/04/2019  Córdoba @ Plaza de Toros los Califas  

Plaza de Toros los Califas

Show #4

Tour: "Down The Road Wherever" - Europe (Late April to late July 2019)

Venue: Plaza de Toros los Califas

Address: Av. Gran Vía Parque, 14005 Córdoba

Capacity: 14000 persons


(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. Nobody Does That
02. Corned Beef City
03. Sailing to Philadelphia
04. Once Upon A Time In The West
05. Romeo and Juliet (followed by Oe, oe, oe)
06. My Bacon Roll
07. Matchstick Man
08. Done With Bonaparte
09. Heart Full of Holes
10. She's Gone
11. Your Latest Trick
12. Silvertown Blues
13. Postcards from Paraguay
14. On Every Street
15. Speedway at Nazareth
16. Telegraph Road

17. Money For Nothing
18. Going Home


Mark Knopfler (Guitar / Vocals)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Richard Bennett (Guitar)   [ Richard's diary ]
Glenn Worf (Bass)
Ian Thomas (Drums)
Jim Cox (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
John McCusker (Fiddle / Cithern / Whistle)
Michael McGoldrick (Flute / Whistle / Pipes)
Danny Cummings (Percussions)
Tom Walsh (Trumpet)
Graeme Blevins (Saxophone)

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Going home
Postcards from Paraguay
Once upon a time in the west
Sailing to Philadelphia

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