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Show #14 : 01/04/2005, Lisbon @ Atlantic Pavillion (Pavilhão Atlântico)  

Venue: Atlantic Pavillion (Pavilhão Atlântico)  [ Website ]

Address: Rossio dos Olivais, 1990-231 Lisboa

Capacity: 8000-10700

Comment: First gig in Europe

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. Why Aye Man
02. Walk Of Life
03. What It Is
04. Sailing to Philadelphia
05. Romeo and Juliet
06. Sultans Of Swing
07. Done With Bonaparte
08. Song for Sonny Liston
09. Donegan's Gone
10. Rudiger
11. Boom, Like That
12. Speedway at Nazareth
13. Telegraph Road

14. Brothers In Arms
15. Money For Nothing

Encores 2
16. So Far Away

Encores 3
17. The Mist Covered Mountains/Wild Theme


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Danny Cummings (Drums)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
Matt Rollings (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]

Who was there ? 16

Telmo Marques  
Vasco Rodrigues  
Cláudia Albuquerque  
Miguel Bento  
Cláudia Albuquerque  
Emanuel Faria  
Hi Mark and Band. Welcome to Portugal. I don't know if it is possible , but i would like to hear the song SILVERTOOWN BLUES at the gig tomorrow. Thanks.
Hi everybody. I hope this will be a great concert. I've been to the latest concert Mark gave in Lisbon (a few years ago) also at Pavilhao Atlantico and it was superb. After the concert I'll post my comments here. See you all at Pavilhao Atlantico on April 1st.
sergio costa  
Whar can i say...? I´m happy. 1 april it´s a great day for me and for a portuguese fans. Good luck for a tour guy´s and thanks Mark for SHANGRI-LA. Serginho Slves
Luis Martins  
Darío Rasco  
Vamos a ver si abarrotamos el pabellón de lisboa los españoles.VIVA MARK KNOPFLER¡¡¡
Diego Sotelo  
Paulo P. Gouveia  
I am sure that even without TUNNEL OF LOVE, the great portuguese will be in large numbers at the Atlantic Pavillion (Pavilhão Atlântico) to listen to real modern music. On the 4-April I will post here my coment about the show.
Martina Weselowski  

Reviews 9

Telmo Marques  
le 01/09/2005
Hi. My name´s Telmo Marques and I saw the concert and I think it was great. The sound was terrific and the stage lights were also great. I missed some of the songs in shangri-la, especially our shangri-la and the trawlerman´s song. But, all in all it was a great show.
Cláudia Albuquerque  
le 20/04/2005
I´d like to add something to my first review. I think all of us who have been at the concert should congratulate all the efforts of the entire team. The sound was great, although we couldn't hear MK's voice sometimes. But most of all, the light effects were awesome. Even when the lights turned straight into our eyes, it didn't bother. The whole show was much better than any expectations we could ever have before the concert. I'm really sorry I didn't take my camera to have my own register of those 2 wonderfull hours, but you bet I will never forget them. MK-You are the greatest! Only after the concert I started listening really carefully to all of your solo work, and I can only say that the older, the better! The age really brings wisdom. No one could ever replace you. Come back soon!
le 07/04/2005
After waiting so long for a live performance of MK in Lisbon, due to the cancellation of his previous tour in 2003, this concert was really a great gig to remember from now on! Mark is in a very good shape and the band is excellent,but the setlist was short, from my point of view. Considering the "drought" of several years without seeing MK alive, we should have got some more songs during the show, namely from the last records. In fact,although I do enjoy Dire Straits music, I am really excited about Mark solo records, which demonstrate the genius and skill of that man, and how extremely well he grew up musically, bringing a diversity of songs beautifully composed and played, specially from his last masterpiece, "Shangri-la". Songs like the exceptional "Postcards from Paraguay,The Trawlerman's song and Our Shangri-la" should sound great played live. Those people who are always stuck in the DS song catalogue (which is also excellent) should open their minds and ears, and listen carefully to Mark solo efforts. This man is one of a kind and we must be grateful for that! I am anxious to see him soon. Come back quickly Mark and play whatever you like! Jorge P.
Vasco Rodrigues  
le 06/04/2005
What a great concert it was, i flew all the way from Azores just to see Mark knopfler and his band, what a show it was, Thans too all of them. Here are some great pictures i toke from the concert, Hope you like them: Hope to see them again in Portugal coz i am there :)
Miguel Bento  
le 05/04/2005
Spectacular!!! The old songs were really great!
Cláudia Albuquerque  
le 05/04/2005
Hi. This was the first time me and my husband went to a big concert. And I must say that we had one of the most gratifying moments in our lives. Those 2 hours were awesome!! We drove about 800 kilometers to see the concert, and if I had to do it again today, you can bet I would. I was very sorry when the show was over, for we both were expecting to ear TUNNEL OF LOVE, and sometimes we could hardly ear Mark´s voice. But we could feel it in every note of the guitar. BROTHERS IN ARMS is our song, since we started dating almost 9 years ago, and I trully have to thank you for playing it. Thanks for one of the best moments in my life. I will never forget.
Paulo P. Gouveia  
le 04/04/2005
Just an opinion: 1- It was a very good concert. But, as almost always recently: in some songs we couldn´t listen to MK voice and we did not listen to Our Shangri La without any explanation. 2- There where no news on the set list: no "back to tupelo", no "trawler..." and again "walk of life" now slower (why?). 3- Too much (excellent) drums over the voices! 4- Sultans of Swing, strange, but very good! 5- Excellent "Speedway at Naz..."! 6- "Telegraph Road" almost excellente if I could listen to MK voice. CONCLUSION: 8/10! It would be 9/10 if the band could rehearse more, without "walk of life", lower drums, listening to all MK sings and 3 or 4 of the most recent songs! And it would be 10/10 if MK speeks more with the audience!!!
le 03/04/2005
J'ai fait 600km pour aller au concert. Mark a été exceptionnel et les 11 000 présents l'ont bien récompensé.
Luis Martins  
le 02/04/2005
Great concert!!!! Mark is like Port wine: the older, the better! :) This version of "telegraph Road" was the best ever. Danny Cummings was excellent, as well as the rest of the band (as always). Hope you come back soon, Mark!!! Some pics...