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Show #24 : 12/04/2005, Wien @ Wiener Stadthalle  

Venue: Wiener Stadthalle  [ Website ]

Address: Vogelweidplatz 14, 1150 Wien

Capacity: 16000   [ Seating map ]

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. Why Aye Man
02. Walk Of Life
03. What It Is
04. Sailing to Philadelphia
05. Romeo and Juliet
06. Sultans Of Swing
07. Done With Bonaparte
08. Song for Sonny Liston
09. Donegan's Gone
10. Rudiger
11. Boom, Like That
12. Speedway at Nazareth
13. Telegraph Road

14. Brothers In Arms
15. Money For Nothing

Encores 2
16. So Far Away

Encores 3
17. The Mist Covered Mountains/Wild Theme


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Danny Cummings (Drums)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
Matt Rollings (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]

Who was there ? 13

Earneyuzie Dullah  
Patrick Strutzenberger  
Goran Hećimović  
Christian Moser  
5th Time MK (incl. DS) concert - finally...
First time for me to see Mark in Vienna.I know that it will be sold out,I hope he will change a "little-bit"his set list ( about Dire Straits tracks ).
Sultan of Ping  
Yes, yes, yes. Read the infos at Guy Fletcher's home page ( about the ongoing tour. Got some tickets in the 7th row for me and the queen of hearts ;)
Legutóbb 2001-ben voltam itt, az is egy fantasztikus show volt! Hajrá MK!
Brigitte Schöfböck  
I will visit the concerts in Vienna and Cologne.It
Jan Placho  
Yeah, I
Thomas Scherngell  
Yolanda / Navarro  
Kolbe Gabor  
The edge of the Hungarian MK Fans will be there in Stadthalle too! Welcome MK on Tour again!

Reviews 7

le 15/04/2005
So it came the time...I was also nervous to take my camera into..fortunately all right. I've seen Mark in a great form ..the beginning :Why aye man intro in his pick on Dm scale ,wonderful.All the show was wonderful ,I never listened such perfect sound in a concert.Overall Sultans of Swing Boom like That,Speedway at Nazaret.All the band played well,special note for Matt R on the accordion.A special thanks to all my Austrian friends,Thomas Werner,Jan,Florian ,Nadiene and all the other made feel very well in a deep atmosphera in these days in Vienna. No comment to the Kurier newspaper reporter,MrB.Shokarth , when he wrote :only 5500 people ( see the tiket price or see how many in the follow concert of Qeen the next day ) and few young people:there were sure not babies in the cradles and last when he wrote no grandios:maybe for he grandios will be the show of Albano Carrisi in the next month
Brigitte Schöfböck  
le 14/04/2005
It was a superb concert. Mark and the band are in great form. For me, the absolute highlight was "Speedway At Nazareth" – great version. Personally, I thought that there were not enough songs from the solo albums, and way too much Dire Straits stuff. I would have loved to hear more "Shangri La" material in particular. But I can't wait for the Cologne concert in June. So keep looking forward to Mark, folks – he's amazing!
Earneyuzie Dullah  
le 14/04/2005
It was very fantastic and amazing concert! I just love it. Looking foward to see another concert!
Patrick Strutzenberger  
le 13/04/2005
As a casual fan I have to say that last nights show was great. I liked the arrangement on all songs especially the trio arrangement for "Song For Sony Liston" was excellent. It's just that some songs especially "Sultans Of Swing" and "Money For Nothing" seemed pretty short to me but that may of course be just my perception, apart from that these two songs were real highlights. The crowd was ok for a seated concert, however I think that GA would have been a better choice. On a side note, the volume was a bit low for my taste, also Marks mic could have been a bit higher in the mix, maybe it was also a matter of hall acoustics, my seat was in the 13th from the stage on the floor. Also to me it was damn cold in the hall.
Goran Hećimović  
le 13/04/2005
I was on koncert Dire Straits, i think 1984 or 85 in Zagreb Cro and now i go to Ljubljana to see Mark after 20 years.
Jan Placho  
le 13/04/2005
It was time to see my hero live on stage for the first time. I got such a great seat in the 4th row as a birthday present (which was in October). Then the 12th April came and my dad and I went to Vienna about 17:00 (beginning of the concert was at 19:30). I was very nervous about the camera and recording situation. I hid my cam very well but I was afraid of leaving it at the entry. But at all there was hardly any security. After we went in I bought a T-shirt and the tour book at the merchandise shop. After this we looked for our seats. We had a great view on stage and I was so happy when I saw a guy who took many photos from the stage and there was a security who was just relaxed. And then I knew what hap-pened. The crew of the Stadthalle got the message that cameras and recorders are allowed for this night. That was just fine. I went also to the stage and took some photos of the guitars. Then my friends Yolanda and Thomas found me in front of the stage and we took some pho-tos together. Alright, then we went back to our seats and just a few minutes after that, the lights went off and the band came on stage. "Why Aye Man" was the opener and Mark did a great intro on his Les Paul. It tasted so good to see the band for my first time. "Walk Of Life" was the second song. A must for all the old DS fans. The band played this very slow but it was still groovy. Followed to "What It Is" – just fantastic. One of my favourites of Marks solo stuff. Richard had a small technical problem as I could hear because there was no sound from his acoustic guitar for the first few seconds. But in fact, I just could shake and sing with Mark during that song. "Sailing To Philadelphia" was next. Very well played. The next song was also a must for the fans: "Romeo & Juliet". A beautiful and jazzy piano solo by Matt made the beginning and after that Mark started playing the National. "Sultans Of Swing" followed. Fantastic! Mark with his Fender Signature Strat, Richard with his Fender Sunburst Stratocaster, Glenn with one of many basses he used at the show and Danny on the big drum kit. A four-piece-band again – just like on the OES tour. The crowd shaked, sang and had a very good time. After Sultans, Danny got a small drum kit on stage and the band was introduced. Followed by "Done With Bonaparte". Guy on guitar, Matt on accordion, Richard on bouzouki, Glen on his big bass, Danny on the small kit and Mark with his National. For "Song For Sonny Liston" the band was getting a trio. Danny, Glen and Mark. "Donegan's Gone" was the next song. Mark said: "Richard, come here, baby!" And so he came back, sat down to Mark and both got a cup of tea. They said "Cheers!" to the crowd and then they started playing. "Rudiger" was next. Mark did a great job on his Les Paul. After that Danny went back to his big kit, Richard took the telecaster. Mark said: "Alright, this is a song about fast food now". They started playing "Boom, Like That" Amazing intro and very well played and sang. Then we heard a very loud song: "Speedway At Nazareth". So loud, so good … especially the final. Richard used his bouzouki and for the final he switched to his Les Paul. WOW! "Telegraph Road" was the last song before the encores. It sounded different to the version with Chad because Danny did it similar to the version DS played on the LOG-tour. This song was followed by a big applause by the crowd. Mark said "Thank you!" and left the stage… …But he came back. The crowd was leaving their seats and stormed the stage. I did that too. I grabbed my things and ran to the stage. I was lucky because I was one of the first ones who did that. I stood in front of the stage on the right side (in front of Richard's position). They played "Brothers In Arms". A very sad song but I was so happy to see my star so near. BIA was followed by "Money For Nothing". Everybody had to rock with the band. Very loud – very good. Mark said "Goodbye, thank you!" another time but the band went back on stage once more. "So Far Away" was played and everybody was dancing. Mark with the Strat Sunburst and Richard with MKs Signature Strat. Followed by "The Mist Covered Mountains" with Matt on the accordion again. A girl next to me (probably also a die-hard fan) shouted "Knopfi, look at me!" all the time, very funny… The "Local Hero – Wild Theme" was the last encore. Just Mark and Guy. Very beautiful out-tro for such an amazing show. The show's end was at 22:00 (very early). We left the Stadthalle and I met Thomas, Yolanda, Renato and many other friends and fans again. We went to a pub for something to drink before we left Vienna and went back home. There we exchanged the cameras for looking at all the pics we took. We all took many pics of the show because nobody of us had a problem with the securities. It was great fun talking about the feelings, the songs, the crowd, etc. Nadine (the wife of Thomas' cousin Flo) said to me: "When Mark started playing, the time outside the Stadthalle was standing still." and that was true. I had an exam the next day and I forgot it for that evening. My dad and I had to leave then at 23:15 because our last train went at 0:15. Life can be so wonderful. It was a great evening and I'm really looking forward to seeing MK the next time in Amsterdam.
le 13/04/2005
Spitzen Konzert!!! Wer nicht da war hat etwas Großartiges versäumt.