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Show #66 : 06/06/2005, Cologne @ Köln Arena  

Venue: Köln Arena  [ Website ]

Capacity: 18000

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. Why Aye Man
02. Walk Of Life
03. What It Is
04. Sailing to Philadelphia
05. Romeo and Juliet
06. Sultans Of Swing
07. Done With Bonaparte
08. Donegan's Gone
09. Rudiger
10. Song for Sonny Liston
11. Boom, Like That
12. Speedway at Nazareth
13. Telegraph Road

14. Brothers In Arms
15. Money For Nothing

16. So Far Away

17. The Mist Covered Mountains/Wild Theme


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Danny Cummings (Drums)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
Matt Rollings (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]

Who was there ? 19

Martina Weselowski  
Karl-Heinz Wendlandt  
Joerg Mueller  
Hi MK-Fans all over the world. Cologne is my second concert-visit after the "Dortmund-Concert". My Friends and me, we are so in pleasure to see MK and his great Musicians again in this wonderful Kölnarena. I`am absolutely sure, that this concert will be also magic and impressive as the very good Dortmund-Concert. MK is now in Ireland and Great Britain - our Greetings are going to this European Fans on the 2 Islands which have a big influence of all kinds of Rock and Pop- Music in the World. We love this extraordinary music-development since the time of: The Beatles, the Who...... Dire Straits, MK and so on... So dear Fans, see you again in Cologne and have a good time in Our Shangri La... Bye, Daniel (Sultan of Dortmund)
Jeff Lemmens  
This will be the 2nd time this tour I
Olga Berndsen  
Hope to get a wonderful show, Amsterdam was good but the concert in Rotterdam april 17,was unbelievely good, breathtaking, the best i've ever heard and seen. Mark and the band where playing the stars from heaven, hope to have that same expirience in Cologne. The crowd was very enthousiastic, and went mad some moments.
Michael / Hoefer  
2nd show after Dortmund. I am looking for some fans, who want to trade some DS/MK shows on DVD. Please send me an email!!
Dirk Nowitzki  
My 3rd concert of the SL-Tour (after Stuttgart and Dortmund). The last time i saw dIRE sTRAITS (1992) was in Cologne, too.
Sabine Blum  
Mark Knopfler: What about it! Our whole family will go there, from the oldest to the youngest. We love him! It will be my third concert after Stuttgart and Frankfurt.Both were wonderful, so I´m happy to enjoy him again and again and....
Brigitte Schöfböck  
I will visit the concerts in Vienna and Cologne.It's good to see Mark on stage again!
Been here at the STP tour 23.7.01, too. This time it
Lars Muehlner  
Second visit for me. Was there in 2001 STP-Tour and it was one of the best shows! Great venue with a great sound!

Reviews 9

le 10/06/2005
Sabine Blum  
le 08/06/2005
I cannot really tell, there will be only words. Many thanks to Guy Fletcher, Glenn Worf and Matt Rollings for your wonderful music, especial thanks to Danny Cummings and Richard Bennett for the warm feelings and all thanks to Mark Knopfler for this magic moment. My lucky son doesn`t wash his hand!!! You were exploding in our hearts again and this night is burned in our memories. I cann`t really tell. This concert in the Arena of Cologne was an absolutly highlight! Thank you...! Thank you...! Good luck and excuse my bad english. Shangri-La!!! Has anyone a picture from Marks handshake with my son Alex? I wasn`t able to do anything, felt only heavenly! Greetings Sabine
Lars Muehlner  
le 07/06/2005
What a night!! I was sitting/standing right in front of MK! It was awesome! All versions were outstanding performances and it was much better than in Dortmund! We were 13,500 and it was an incredible mood! MK and band were in great shape and thanks to Mark we could stand just after SOS for the whole concert. The security send us back to our seats right at the end of speedway! Right after the end Mark looked to the front and it was nearly empty. His words through the mic: "This f***ing security!" Then he stopped Guy who was already playing the intro of TR and Guy stopped! The he said: "If you want to come to the front just come. It's a Rock'n'Roll Concert!" We all were right back in the front and thanked Mark by wild screaming! Mark was really up to it; through MFN he shaked the hand of a boy (maybe 10 or a bit older) and Danny gave him his drum sticks! Lucky boy!! A night I will always remember! Really the best MK Gig so far!!!! Lars
Karl-Heinz Wendlandt  
le 07/06/2005
Hi to every MK/DS-FAn out there. I am still in love with the convert yesterday in "Kölnarena". As a longtime Fan since 1987 I would have loved to hear "Tunnel of love", for example, but that would be too much. There is nothing more too add. Everything is said above except a very lovely moment during MFN. I was within the crowd in front of the stage. Ther was a little boy, about 10-12 years old, sitting on his mothers or fathers shoulders and partying. When Mark noticed him, he smiled and suddenly he shaked the boys hand. This was a heart-warming moment. At the end Danny Cummings even gave the boy one of his drumsticks. What a lucky little boy !!! I wasn´t too much older, when I discovered Dire straits for myself. I am looking forward to Leipzig i will visit too. Greeting to everyone, Karl-Heinz
Joerg Mueller  
le 07/06/2005
Wow, what a night. Great moments at What it is, Romeo, Telegraph and - finally he played it - Going Home / Wild Theme. He didn't play it in Dortmund, and even though ShangriLa is great, we really missed that typical final number that day. Sound was better in Dortmund. Much to our surprise, when we walked up to the stage after the thrilling new version of Sultans, those colonian security idiots started trying to send people back to their seats. It took all the time through the "slow session" until Mark really got mad about that security and - in my ears - called: hey fuckin security man, what's up? - Seconds later: Come on, it's close to the end of the show. This is rock'n'roll. Come down... Thanks for this one, Mr. Knopfler. That made my day (anyway). If there's a chance anywhere in the world: go and see the show!
le 07/06/2005
After Dortmund this was the second show my pal Dirk and me attended and we have to say that it was better regarding the audience. The crowd was much more up on their feet and the band seemed to really enjoy it. Why aye man had a slightly different middle part and sounded great! After R&J the first long standing ovations and a smiling band! After Sultans we rushed to the stage and stood first row in front of Mark and Richard. For the middle part we wished to hear Back to Tupelo but it was "Donegan, Rüdiger, Sonny". Anyway it sounded fantastic and to watch Mark and Richard so closely was fantastic again. Mark was very talkative this evening and said: "Here's Guy, a great multiinstrumentalist. He plays keyboards, guitar, bass drum - he fixes your bike. Whatever you want, you name it - we do it. We paint your house". We had such a laugh! After Speedway some security wanted us to get back to our seats but Mark stopped starting TR and let us back to the stage with the words: "Hey, fxxxing security, what's going on?" After that the party began. BIA, MFN, SFA were celebrated with much enthusiasm. Although we would have liked to hear Our Shangri-La again, closing the show with Mist covered mountains/Wild theme was a worthy ending for a great night. Thank you very much, Mark and the band!
le 07/06/2005
Hello, this was my second show after Paris. It was great. The sound was really much better. You could distinguish any single instrument in all songs. Thanks to the band and to the sound people.
Jeff Lemmens  
le 07/06/2005
It was a wonderful show, I've been to Amsterdam on the second night, that was very very good, but this was even better! I've to say the sound in the Kölnarena (Cologne Arena) was much much better than in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, imo. It started with the RB song and then the first sounds of why aye man, as every concert this tour so far, very good! So if you hear the RB song, watch it, it's gonna start! Anyway, it was like Knopflers style different from any other version you've heard before. Then walk of life, a little bit faster than in Amsterdam, Matts part on accordion was different too, it's amazing to see the guys playing the same song in 1000000 versions. What it is and sailing to philadelphia followed, they seemed to be more "solid", like the album versions but even beautiful as a live performed song. Another different intro to romeo & juliet, it was just wonderful to see the light reflecting from the steel guitar into your eyes, everything seems to be perfect at such a moment. Then sultans of swing, wow, it was solid as a rock as on the first straits record. My favourite song, done with bonaparte followed, with a long intro/start. Wonderful song, especially with Matt on accordion. Donegan's gone was a fantastic song live! MK's vocals were wonderful, it was just perfect. Then another favourite song of mine, rüdiger, oh, another wonderful (yeah, I was born together with that word or so) version. And a very big surprise for me, song for sonny liston with two solo's and and intro! It was so different from any other version I heard, a real surprise, actually, the whole concert was one big surprise but anyway. Boom, like that was the next one, also just played perfect as if it was in a studio, fantastic! After the blow-your-ears-song, speedway at nazareth, came telegraph road, meanwhile, the crowd walked to the stage and some securityman tried to stop it in some way, anyway, Mark said him to "go away" in sort of way. The correct words he used is in another review above. :P The encores: brothers in arms, money for nothing and so far away are some songs you can't without. Nice to hear them live as well! Makes a perfect day with a amazing show complete imo. :D I was wondering what he'd play as last song, it was the mist covered mountains followed by local hero. It was such an honor to hear that song live from THE man himself and Guy! If you still have to wait for a concert, well, don't worry, IT WILL BE FANTASTIC! Enjoy your show!
le 07/06/2005
_ Setlist 01. Why Aye Man 02. Walk Of Life 03. What It Is 04. Sailing To Philadelphia 05. Romeo & Juliet 06. Sultans Of Swing 07. Done With Bonaparte 08. Donegan's Gone 09. Rüdiger 10. Song For Sonny Liston 11. Boom, Like That 12. Speedway At Nazareth 13. Telegraph Road -- 14. Brothers In Arms 15. Money For Nothing -- 16. So Far Away -- 17. The Mist Covered Mountains / Wild Theme Review: Great concert by Mark and the band. Highlight of the evening certainly was Speedway and Telegraph Road. The sound was astoundingly clear for this venue (I sat about 20 rows apart from the stage). Nice moment: After Sultans, quite some people left their seats to approach the stage. At the beginning of Telegraph Road, security staff wanted to send them back to their seats. Mark was very upset and said, loud and clear through the mic: "What the f*** is it with these security men? If people want to come forward, let them come forward! This is Rock'n Roll!". The audience cheered, of course :-). Security left the scene and people got back to the stage. Fun: Mark revealed to us that Dr. Fletch can paint our house, fix our bicycle... "He's just so talented"! (Of course, he can also play guitar on Done With Bonaparte) ;-) Two thumps way up, great concert!