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Show #53 : 02/06/2008, Cologne @ Köln Arena  

Venue: Köln Arena  [ Website ]

Capacity: 18000

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. Cannibals
02. Why Aye Man
03. What It Is
04. Sailing to Philadelphia
05. True Love Will Never Fade
06. The Fish and the Bird
07. Hill Farmer's Blues
08. Romeo and Juliet
09. Sultans Of Swing
10. Marbletown
11. Postcards from Paraguay
12. Speedway at Nazareth
13. Telegraph Road

14. Brothers In Arms
15. Our Shangri-La

Encores 2
16. So Far Away
17. Going Home


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]
Danny Cummings (Drums)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)
Matt Rollings (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
John McCusker (Fiddle / Cithern / Whistle)

Who was there ? 13

Sabine Blum  
margret czuprat  
My sixth ,and I think my last show,this tour. Row 1 !!
Marc Schmidt  
My third and last concert on this tour. First time in row 1!
Henk Ritter  
And this will be the third show The show was great, Mark and the band where wonderful The acoustics in the Köln Arena is the worst I
Jeannette and Serge France We will be at Köln on the left side
Maarten Van Pottelbeghe  
row 1 but on the right hand side.. see y'all
Lars Muehlner  
My second and last concert of this tour! Once again 2nd row for me....
Dirk Nowitzki  
1st row ;-) Concert number 3.
Sabine Blum  
hi, I´m there too!
Holger Victor  

Reviews 4

Sabine Blum  
le 04/06/2008
Excuse my English! Thank you very much for this wonderful concert in Cologne. It was good like every time from this SUPER band. The accoustic was not so good like in Mannheim, because the voice come back from every side, this was not so good like three years ago. And also the audience was not so fanatic like three years ago. But what shalls. The concert, the musicians, Mark and his fans were fantastic. So today I will go to Luxemburg, for to see them once more again, but it will be the last one. Really I will be very sad, when it`s gone. True love will never fade!!! Shangri-La ... and Good Luck ...
Holger Victor  
le 04/06/2008
Now it´s over! This was my 10th and final show of the KTGC tour 2008. It began with a shock for me. The ticket in the 2nd row that I had bought on eBay was a stolen one so that I could not get the seat I had paid for. The ticket office of Kölnarena was so kind to give me another ticket but the seat was not in the infield. So the sight and the sound was not as good as on the other shows I saw. Nevertheless a great concert and to the encores I´ve made my way to the stage ;-) It was a pleasure to meet many fans on several shows who are Dieter, Margret, Wolfgang Cz., Wolfgang S., Jörg, Martina, Miriam and many more. See you on the next tour! All the best Holger
margret czuprat  
le 03/06/2008
A superb,fantastic concert again ! A superb,fantastic band again ! A superb,fantastic Mark again ! A superb seat,first row ,again! The sound was ok for me ! Maybe a little bit of echo,sometimes. This was my sixth and last concert this tour. Too bad!! Greetings to Miriam,Martina,Holger,Dieter,Pottel,Marc, was nice to met your all this evening again !!
Henk Ritter  
le 03/06/2008
Setlist 1. Cannibals 2. Why Aye Man 3. What It Is 4. Sailing to Philadelphia 5. True Love Will Never Fade 6. The Fish and The Bird 7. Hill Farmer's Blues 8. Romeo and Juliet 9. Sultans of Swing 10. Marbletown 11. Postcards From Paraguay 12. Speedway At Nazareth 13. Telegraph Road 14. Brothers in Arms 15. Our Shangri-La 16. So Far Away 17. Going Home This was my third concert this tour, and sadly I have to tell it was my last one Mark and the band where great, I realy enjoyed the show thanks again Mark The people in Köln Where as ever in Germany to late in for the show so it started 15 minutes later. I can't understand why people don't stay at there place during the concert. The whole concert there where some of them wlking arround. Although the show was great, the acoustics in the Köln Arena is the worst I've ever heard. The sound was bouncing back from the walls I hope Mark will decide to go touring next year too, Iff so I will be there!!!! What an awfull weather in Köln after the show, I was wet all over