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Show #61 : 11/06/2008, Sofia @ NDK (The National Palace of Culture)  

Venue: NDK (The National Palace of Culture)  [ Website ]

Address: Bulgaria Square No.1,Sofia Center,Sofia 1463

Capacity: 3800   [ Seating map ]

Comment: The concert will be in Hall Nr. 1.

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. Cannibals
02. Why Aye Man
03. What It Is
04. Sailing to Philadelphia
05. True Love Will Never Fade
06. The Fish and the Bird
07. Hill Farmer's Blues
08. Romeo and Juliet
09. Sultans Of Swing
10. Marbletown
11. Speedway at Nazareth
12. Telegraph Road

13. Brothers In Arms
14. So Far Away
15. Going Home


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]
Danny Cummings (Drums)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Matt Rollings (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
John McCusker (Fiddle / Cithern / Whistle)

Who was there ? 1

Slavina Ivanova  
MK will be playing in my country for the first time !! I am so happy!!

Reviews 1

Slavina Ivanova  
le 15/06/2008
It finally happened to me!! I saw MK for the very first time in my life!!And our concert was just BRILLIANT!! I didn't know how stronger is the experience of the live performance than watching the videos. This was one of the best days in my life! Te concert was fabulous!! MK & The Band looked very relaxed ( despite some troubles) with a great interaction between them. I think Mark himself enjoyed the concert and was happy because of the loving audience we were. He smailed so many times during the concert. Everything was just perfect! - MK's voice and playing, the performance of the all songs, the sound was GREAT too. I can't say which song was played the best because I loved the concert from the very first sound to the last. Don't know if it was my first time, or it was real but I think HFB, TR and R&J were a bit longer than I have listened from the other concerts this tour. Don't be jealous, I maybe totally wrong...Or maybe it was because of the shorter set-list. The audience was great I think, enjoyed the concert sooo much and after SOS we all stood up and danced to the end. About the troubles - as Guy wrote on his diary the stage was not set up in time - the trucks couldn't come in the normal time because in the our border there was a big queue ( which is normal - Bulgaria is one of the EU borders). So the concert started an hour later. The set-list was the same but unfortunately we missed Postcard and SL. There was a problem with the rigging too. There were some interesting moments during the concert. One of the fans I know from the time we bought our tickets, was on the concert with his little daughter. Well, they were on the second row and the little girl stayed just infront Mark - in the middle of the path. After one of the songs MK waved to her discretely which make her very happy. After the last song he stepped up to the same end of the stage and gave her his plectrum!! Did I say I was in the first row? Well, I was standing just right her and after that I reached out my hands. He was a bit surprised. But when he realized I don't want a plectrum he smiled at me and shook my hands!! I could say him my big "Thank you!!" That happened to the other fans from the first row too and it was amazing because we all were the first persons bought tickets for the concert!! We are not used to buy tickets via Internet and went to the venue. So some of the very real fans could shake MK's hand in Sofia. I don't know if it has happened on a MK concert before. When the Band went out after TR somebody threw discretely a bunch of flowers on the stage ( in the darkness). It was a tradition here in the past, so I was pleased he did it discretely. When the concert finished Mark took the flowers from the floor with him respectfully. It was good we didn't bought our tickets through Internet!! That way I was proud to buy the very firts MK ticket in my country, but more important I met the other fans!! They announced that would be prizes for the first 10 people in the venue and we actually were the right people there - the real fans. So we finally met each other!! Now I'm still in the clouds and it was MY DAY!!