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Show #63 : 15/06/2008, Athens @ Lycabettus Theatre  

Venue: Lycabettus Theatre

Capacity: 6000

Comment: This gig was open-air.

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. Cannibals
02. Why Aye Man
03. What It Is
04. Sailing to Philadelphia
05. True Love Will Never Fade
06. The Fish and the Bird
07. Hill Farmer's Blues
08. Romeo and Juliet
09. Sultans Of Swing
10. Marbletown
11. Speedway at Nazareth
12. Telegraph Road

13. Brothers In Arms
14. So Far Away
15. Going Home


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]
Danny Cummings (Drums)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Matt Rollings (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
Glenn Worf (Bass)
John McCusker (Fiddle / Cithern / Whistle)

Who was there ? 5

Eleftheria Metheniti  
Nikos Klaoudatos  
Vasilis Maniatis  
It is an amazing tour as far as I can see from the videos on You Tube.Athens
stergios papageoriou  

Reviews 4

Eleftheria Metheniti  
le 10/07/2008
''When I think about us,I see the picture that we made,the picture to remind true love will never fade...'' Mark Knopfler at the Greek Thetare... Yes,I'm talkin about havin some fun,I'm talkin about love, this ''trip'' we really enjoyed both equally and went insane with our guide who has the soul of a poet,a style like no other and an unbelivable ability to make a guitar talk...not scream! Several times before I really appreciate how beautiful and emotion filled his songs often are and finally I got a chance to see him live,the experience was very fulfilling and the concert one of the best i've seen so far. Knopfler and the band were on stage at 21:30 and stood there till 23:30,great show with a great crowd of all ages.I'm 26 and it seems to me that the youth definitely appreciate his genius.Loved the Solos in ''Sultans of Swing'',jealous of people in the front row,''Romeo and Juliet''made my flesh creep and at the end I felt like I stand alone,unique. ''I don't play anything I don't want to play,so if I get up there and play ''Romeo and Juliet'' or ''Brothers in Arms''it's because I want to,it's important to me that it's important to people,that you've created milestones in people's lives''Mark said.I say,Music is personal and many times I stare into the darkness by listening sounds until I can see,feel...and what I find isn't always pretty but it's better than being blind,so after all for me he is one of the best!!!
le 06/07/2008
The venue was excellent. High in the hills over Athens. Weather warm. Best conditions for an open air concert and the last european show. Also it was my last show of the tour. The red strat which was always standing before show in the spotlight was missing. Also the big dobro guitar rig. Was on the way to Denver. Round seating area for 4000 persons. See picture and before it standing places for another 2000. I sat next to the seating places on the right side on a steel ladder. Better view there. Also could see Richard, Glenn and Matt walking around just before the show. Concert started at 09.30 p.m. and ended 11.30 p.m. with an excited Greece audience. Some filmers where there and Mark was often pointing at a special filmer. This one did not stop so Mark sang in Why aye Man: "There he is, there he is. This awful man there I don't care." Sorry, but I had to laugh about it. Because Mark just sang this sentence. Very funny. After that Paul and Pete went in the standing audience to catch this guy. I could watch this very good from my place. :-) All in all a solid performance at a very nice venue. Setlist: 16 songs including Shangri-La. Cheers Dirk
Nikos Klaoudatos  
le 24/06/2008
They say that sometimes all the good things in life, in fact dreams, always have an ending, but this time the ending of this great ‘Kill To Get Crimson 2008 Tour’ was in Athens Greece. And this ending was so great, for all the fans and I have to say for Mark and the entire band. Lycabettus theatre was so small I think but it works really well for everyone who wants to communicate with the music, the band, the hall atmosphere, and the songs. I think Mark loved to play there. It was the first time I saw live Mark, and it was a dream come true for me and all my friends. Although many days have passed I’m still thrilled with what I see and what I hear. It was this great guitar sound, so clear, in an open air concert, unbelievable. Highlights of the show it was Cannibals, the opener, and I have to say that people gave me the idea that they knew the words and signing all night, then it was this emotional version of Romeo And Juliet, and then that powerful Sultans Of Swing, for a moment i saw the hall theatre singing, and then Speedway At Nazareth, made me mad, but without the circling sky, or the circling flower, came down from the ‘sky’, taking the position behind the band, (I think it was the stage so small….) and then the epic version of Telegraph Road. In the dark I still hear his shadow playing Brothers In Arms, and I still hear from Shangri-La the words ‘this is all the heaven we’ve got right here we are….’ It was the last European Concert, i said that from the begging, all the good things always comes to an end. It was the last concert even more for Lycabettus Theatre, because after the concert closed, for restructures. And now all i have is a small video and some photos in my mobile, and my memory, all the heaven I’ve got….. I think even Mark (who didn’t seem to be tired at all) expected this love….. It was a great night, a great tour so far……
Vasilis Maniatis  
le 16/06/2008
It was a great night for everyone. People had filled every spot of the theatre and also they have climped on rocks around the theatre (without ticket) to have the feeling of being part of a superb and unique rock concert. Although the flower-guitar lights system was missing from the stage (maybe the stage was too narrow to support it) the performance of all the band was excellent. They looked like really enjoying it...Mark made a lot of comments on people trying to tape the show,there were sequrity guards around using small lights to point out "bad people" and ask them to stop. The quality of the sound was appreciated from every one. Mark's playing is better than ever. Set list as in the last shows. It was surprising to see such an appreciation from the audience on songs like True love will never fade and Hill farmer's blues. I guess it was because the performance was much better than that of the CD and people were in a very good mood. Highlights: True love will never fade, What it is (violin made a great job in many songs), Hill farmer's blues, Romeo and Juliet, Sultans of swing (all people were totally mad during that), Speedway at Nazareth, So far away. Enjoy Mark whereever you are, this is the best tour of all times.