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Show #16 : 17/05/2013, Glasgow @ SECC  

Venue: SECC  [ Website ]

Address: Exhibition Way, Glasgow G3 8YW, UK

Capacity: 10000   [ Seating map ]

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(The titles in blue show the differences with the previous setlist)

01. What It Is
02. Corned Beef City
03. Privateering
04. Father And Son
05. Hill Farmer's Blues
06. Kingdom of Gold
07. I Dug Up a Diamond
08. I Used to Could
09. Romeo and Juliet
10. Gator Blood
11. Haul Away
12. Postcards from Paraguay
13. Marbletown
14. Speedway at Nazareth
15. Telegraph Road

16. So Far Away
17. Going Home


Mark Knopfler (Guitars / Vocals)
Guy Fletcher (Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals)   [ Guy's diary ]
Richard Bennett (Guitars)   [ Richard's diary ]
Glenn Worf (Bass)
Ian Thomas (Drums)
Jim Cox (Piano / Organ / Accordion)
John McCusker (Fiddle / Cithern / Whistle)
Michael McGoldrick (Flute / Whistle / Pipes)
Nigel Hitchcock (Saxophone)

Who was there ? 2

Dan Garrod  
Elian Poupard  

Reviews 1

Dan Garrod  
le 18/05/2013
Only my second Mk concert,mi was at the tour last time round with BD. travelling from Yorkshire to Glasgow to watch Mark perform. I must just say it was worth every ounce of energy, time and money.. The addition of Nigel on 'I Used to Could', 'Romeo & Juliet' and 'Going Home' really was marvellous. It's always great to hear Mark and the band sound so enthusiastic and genuinely pleased to be on tour. Mark said 'we will just play all night, anyone know what time the last bus is' - ha ha! It was my first time hearing TR, SAT, R&J etc. etc and it makes my appreciation for the songs 100X greater. Hopefully another tour in '14 or '15... Fingers crossed